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About Brenda Howard

I remember getting my pre-kindergarten vaccinations at age five, lying on the exam bed and the nurse dressed in white with her white Nurse hat, and knowing in that instant, I was going to be a nurse.  Even before I followed my dream I was a nurse at heart. When I was nine and my sister was five she fell down and got a deep cut that scratched the artery just above her eye.  I took her to the bathroom, laid her down, put her feet up and put pressure on the cut with a clean wet wash cloth.  I had her hold it that way while I went to get my mom.  That was the first of many situations that required first aid. With almost 40 years of experience in the nursing profession I have worked as everything from a certified nursing assistant to a Registered Nurse with a Bachelors Degree including being an emergency medical technician, a sexual assault nurse examiner, Classroom instructor,and Business Owner of Love Life? Save a Life!  Learn CPR.

While all of these experiences have been part of fulfilling my dream to help people as a nurse, I know that emergency first responders are essential in helping people in emergency and non-emergency situations.  As I have spent my career helping people, I now want to use my experience to help our community be better prepared for emergency situations by teaching others how to deliver first aid and CPR.  I will never know what would have happened to my sister if I hadn't known what to do, but I am glad I don't have to think about it. The foundation of my company, "Love life? Save a life!" is based on knowing the skills we need as a community to take care of our friends, family, and loved ones in an emergency situation.