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Use when you are looking for more information on a specific topic.

Use as a dictionary and a thesaurus.

This search engine is safe for students.
Whatever it is you can find it here

This site has it all!
Use it as a dictionary, an almanac, an atlas,
a thesaurus or for homework help.

This site can help you solve all kinds of math problems.

Videos, materials & resources for all subjects.

Homework resources separated by subject and grade level.

The Kids On The Web: Homework Help

Videos for teachers to use in the classroom.
No questionable material here.

Create QR codes for lessons, activities and games.

Great resources to compliment your curriculum.  Short video clips and lessons.

Educational materials from Smithsonian

Common Core resources for all subjects.

Thousands of presentations on all types of topics.  Free to use and share.

Clicker Activities

Engaging Technology resource for teachers who use clickers in their classroom.

Free Technology for Teachers

Free resources that teachers can use to incorporate technology in their classroom.

Internet safety tips and resources for parents, teachers and children.

Trustworthy site with up to date information about media & technology.


Internet safety information provided by
The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Free reference site including encyclopedia, biographies & more.

This site includes everything from educational resources to advice on saving for college.

Great information on parenting, family activities and even recipes.

Parenting resources from PBS

Search the LRMS Library catalog

Webster County Library catalog and resources

Access to Springfield-Greene Country Library catalog and resources

Library and reference resources

Free web-based reference resources

Resource "Information you can trust" compiled by trusted students and librarians

Library of Congress resources and information