Volunteering Opportunities

Get involved in your child's education... Volunteer at school!!

There are plenty of opportunities at the school for you to volunteer. Whether you have an hour a week to spare, or just random bits of time here and there, we could use your help. See below for current needs. I also send out periodic email messages requesting volunteers for one project or another. If you haven't received any of these messages yet, please send me your e-mail address and I will add you to the distribution list. Thanks!!

Rachel Dunford  lrgreenfoundation@gmail.com
Volunteer Coordinator, L. R. Green Educational Foundation

Print Shop:  Parents volunteer in the Print Shop for one day a week to help with teachers' paperwork like copying, laminating, cutting, etc.  Print Shop is from 8:15am-10:15am.  The volunteer would come in on their day, check the cabinet for work to be done, and can leave early when finished.  We always need people for this position, please email Rachel Dunford if you are interested.
Scholastic Book Fair:   We usually hold a Scholastic Book Fair each school year. The coordinator must be someone who is available for an entire week - before, during, and after school (although the coordinator does not need to be present in the auditorium all day, every day, as long as there are other volunteers). The job involves recruiting volunteers to help with set-up and breakdown of the materials, assisting visiting classes, and cashier duties.  Please email Rachel Dunford if you are interested in helping.

Volunteer to Help out in our School Library:   Open and ongoing
The school library can always use volunteers!  The supply of books needing to be re-shelved never ends.  The librarian has a binder at her desk with easy instructions on how to re-shelve books.  So take a quick look and get started.  If you have little ones at home, feel free to bring them along and they can play quietly or look at books while you work next to them. 

GardenVolunteers are needed to help students in the garden.  Please email Rachel Dunford if you are interested in helping.

Community Partners Coordinator:  
- Booster Nights - Organize booster nights with local restaurants 2-3 times during the school year. Involves a few phone calls for scheduling and follow-up calls to collect checks afterwards. 
--Major Market Receipts - Oversee and help as needed with the Major Market "Reach for the Stars" Receipt Program. Sales receipts from Major Market need to be sorted and totaled by teacher (for the school's contest) and then tallied and turned in to Major Market. L. R. Green receives 1% of the pre-tax sales for all original receipts that we turn in. At the end of the school year, organize a pizza party for the classes with the highest receipt total (one party for the highest 20-student class, another for the highest 32-student class).  
-- eScrip - Send out periodic reminders to school families to encourage them to enroll their credit cards with the eScrip program. 
-- Box Tops - Collect and tally box tops to submit to General Mills. 
-- Target 
-- Office Depot

Student Awards:  We are in need of a volunteer willing to take over the responsibility of handling student awards. An Awards Assembly is held approximately six times a year on a Friday morning. To prepare for an assembly, award buttons need to be counted, sorted by teacher/grade level (this can be done at home) and distributed to teachers prior to the assembly. The volunteer also coordinates with the cafeteria supervisor to order treats (i.e frozen fruit bars) that are stored in the cafeteria freezer until the afternoon of awards day. On awards day, the volunteer gets the treats from the cafeteria and distributes them to the winners outside of the cafeteria from about 2:00 - 2:25. If interested please e-mail Jennifer Speer at jenlspeer@hotmail.com

Special Talents:   Do you have any special talents you can share?  We can use help with such things as Spanish translations of handouts, artwork for event posters, and simple bookkeeping to assist our treasurer.  Please email Jennifer Speer at jenlspeer@hotmail.com.