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Enabling large-scale absolute quantification
The LRE Analyzer was developed as a standalone, platform independent desktop program that automates real-time qPCR data analysis using a method called "Linear Regression of Efficiency" or LRE qPCR.

LRE qPCR provides the ability to conduct absolute quantification without construction of target-specific standard curves, in addition to providing a number of quality control capabilities not possible using conventional methods

Among the many advantages of absolute quantification, the universal perspective it provides allows direct comparison of quantitative data derived from diverse sources, such as from different assays, instruments and/or research groups. Furthermore, absolute quantification has important implications for gene expression profiling, in that it allows direct comparison of transcript quantities produced by any gene to any other gene, within and between any sample.

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Getting Started
The LRE Analyzer has an extensive help documentation that provides an in-depth introduction to LRE, in addition to guidelines on how to implement LRE quantification. Demonstration database files are provided to help illustrate how the program functions.

The Introduction to LRE page provides basic background information about how LRE quantification is conducted, with the LRE Video Overview page providing a three part video describing how LRE was conceived, along with an overview of the methods that were used to evaluate the accuracy and dynamic range of LRE quantification.

The LRE Literature page provides links to LRE related publications, in addition to two earlier qPCR studies that were instrumental in the development of LRE.

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