LREC Workshop W2: Controlled Natural Language Simplifying Language Use

May 27 (Tue) 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM, 2014

Room Stemma 1-2

Harpa Conference Centre, Reykjavik, Iceland

in conjunction with LREC 2014

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Keynote speech: 
Teruko Mitamura (CMU): "Controlled Language for Machine Translation"


The general goals of controlled language are to achieve consistent authoring of source texts and to encourage clear and direct writing.  Controlled language is also used to improve the quality of translation output.  In this talk, I discuss some of the issues in designing a controlled language, the implementation of a controlled language and deployment issues for KANT Controlled English for multilingual machine translation.


This workshop is a half-day forum for the collaboration and current progress in the field of controlled natural language (CNL) and related fields. The simplification of text for the sake of effective communication can be applied for various purposes like the machine translation, information management, knowledge acquisition from web data, linked data fusion, language and content integrated learning (CLIL), etc. It is also intended to discuss future shared tasks.


CNL has a long history due to its commercial impact as well as for its effectiveness in applications like machine translation, librarianship, information management, terminology management, mobile communication, legal documents, etc. On the other hand, “text simplification” is also beneficial for the efficient communication with respect to all kinds of language use in the Web, e.g. simplified English Wikipedia. The current progress of linked data also assumes a great potential for knowledge acquisition from text and web data, for example, NLP2RDF and its NIF format. There is also a working item on this topic in ISO/TC37 “Terminology and other language and content resources”.


 The workshop on CNL simplifying language use invites papers for the current progress and results in the field of CNL and related fields on the following topics but not limited to: models, processing algorithm, terminology aspects, standardization, R&D projects, use cases, related aspects in summarization, question and answering, machine translation, etc. Particularly, this workshop intends to discuss about the standardization issues and shared tasks in the topic of Controlled Natural Language Simplifying Language Use. 

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When submitting a paper from the START page, authors will be asked to provide essential information about resources (in a broad sense, i.e. also technologies, standards, evaluation kits, etc.) that have been used for the work described in the paper or are a new result of your research.
Moreover, ELRA encourages all LREC authors to share the described LRs (data, tools, services, etc.), to enable their reuse, replicability of experiments, including evaluation ones, etc.

Organizing and Program Committee

n  Key-Sun Choi (KAIST), kschoi at kaist dot edu

n  Hitoshi Isahara (TUT), isahara at tut dot jp

n  Christian Galinski (Infoterm)

n  Laurent Romary (INRIA)

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