02. 'Sages to Remember, Recent' Updated 08.27

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The Florida AFTAC Alumni Association publications, 'Post-Monitor' & 'Post-Monitor Sampler' ('Sampler' 'Link' available at Page 01 of this website) have a section for Sages & Spouses, we are aware of, who have deceased. The following, if any, deceased since those were last published. (NOTES: URL's were correct when posted but may change)
NOTE: Unless otherwise requested, we will credit you, by name, for notifying us of information for this page.

1. 08.27 Posting. Oscar E. "Oz" Nunn, Jr., 86, Contacted by Rob West to Mike Steskal Pensacola, Monday, August 7, 2017, HARPER-MORRIS MEMORIAL CHAPEL. Published in Pensacola News Journal on Aug. 11, 2017. He is survived by his spouse Earline and 2 children.  NOTE, Rob West "He was stationed with the 1009th @ 14th and Constitution 1952-1956."