03. 'AFTAC Cares' for Deployed (info is no longer updated, see 'Prime Website' - www.aftacaa.us )

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Notify aftacspouse@gmail.com for information. Website Editor's Note:The alumni association actively supports 'Cares' and encourages all Sages to be involved. Recent "Thank You's" follow 'Program Details' below.

2017.07.12 Posting. We have four deployed.
AFTAC Spouses Notice: Help with the packing is appreciated, contact aftacspouse@gmail.com or the 'Calendar of Events,' Page 05 at this website, for date and location information. Feel free to send a 'Friend Request' to 'AFTAC Spouse' or join the AFTAC Sunshine Club by clicking the following link, HERE or https://www.facebook.com/groups/1675521752711364/ .
Program Details: Using a list of items suggested by those returning from deployment, we sent off our first shipment of five care packages in May, 2007. A range of items are appreciated-from socks, baby wipes, Gold Bond powder to individual microwaveable brownies, drink mixes, and magazines in each flat rate priority mail box (thus ensuring that the packages would proceed directly to the military member and not be held up in a processing center). We are continually in the process of preparing care packages and collecting the names and addresses of our deployed family members. Boxes have been set up at the front and back entrances of the AFTAC HQ’s building for donations. (Website Editor Note, consider bringing an item each time you visit the building, meetings, etc)
Suggested items, but not limited to, socks, baby wipes, Gold Bond powder, individual microwaveable brownies, drink mixes, etc. Monetary donations, mailed and in person, have been received and are very much appreciated. If mailing, please send them to the AFTAC AlAssn "AFTAC AlAssn", P.O. Box 254892, Patrick AFB, FL 32925-0892," and mark them, 'AFTAC Cares Program,' and direct their use, if you desire. That PO Box is checked on a regular basis. If writing a check, please make out to Carol Snyder since the spouses are not an official organization in any way. She will make sure the funds are used as you direct. We also have bake sales at occasional Burger Burns (at the Outback, between the HQ Building and the Lab, on Thursdays, 11am to 12:30pm) to help raise funds to pay for postage and the purchase of additional items.