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The 'AFTAC Alumni Association' (AFTACAA) provides a forum for those wishing to maintain a relationship with the center and its people, 
active-duty and retired. 
Membership is open to past/present employees of all organizations associated with 
Long Range Detection (LRD) (AFMSW-1, 1009th SWS, AFOAT-1, 1035th FAG, 
LRDAA and AFTAC), and any 
subordinate field detachment.

Long Range Detection History (LRD)/AFTAC History -- In 1997 LRD celebrated it's 50th Anniversary. Prior to the celebration Mary Welch (Deceased) (AFTAC/IG) wrote several articles for the alumni association's (AFTACAA) newsletter, Post-Monitor, relating some of the events of that 'first fifty.' Those articles were later brought together in a 50th Commemorative Issue. Tony DeMarco, 'long time, long ago 99,' copied that issue for use on this website. That copy can be found at this link,

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