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Guild Address

Lakeside Quilter, Ltd, PO Box 2082, Oshkosh, WI 54903
Email: lsqgnews@gmail.com

Guild Officers

There are four elected officers of the guild: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The current officers are:

President: Jan Steinert, 920-233-6117, jrs813@yahoo.com
Vice president: Cheryl Juedes
Secretary: Wendy LeDioyt
Treasurer: Julie Schoblasky


There are many other positions of leadership within the guild. These are appointed by the president. Committee chairpersons serve on the Board of Directors. Many committees have subcommittees made up of additional members. The following are committee chairpersons:

    Laura Ramseier
 Keeps records and scrapbooks of guild's activities and events.
    Betsy Williams
 Collects membership dues. Compiles the guild directory and keeps it up to date. Responsible for the nametag gifts
    Mary McKeown
 Responsible for compiling materials appropriate for each publication of the newsletter. Responsible for printing and distribution of each publication.
    To be determined
 Prepares a list of nominees for offices. Secures consent of the individual to serve as a candidate. prepares ballots and conducts the election.
    Lynn Mozingo
 Responsible for promoting and publicizing group activities. Writes and places notices about meeting dates and related guild events for the local newspaper, etc.
     Joleen Stadler
 Greets any guests and introduces them at the meeting. Assists in Show and Share.
    Dar Stevens
 Responsible for bringing beverages to the guild meetings and keeping the supply of cups, napkins, etc. Needs to be at the meeting early. 
 Responsible for sending out cards to people who need a little sunshine in their life.
    To be determined
 Audit financial records of the guild and submit record to the guild president.
 Christmas Party: 
    Mary Gibbons, 
    Barb Pienchicoski,
 Plan the annual Christmas party that is held in December in place of our monthly meeting.
 Quarter Chance Drawing: 
    Wendy LeDioyt 
 in charge of purchasing items, collecting money, and distributing prizes to winners.
 Biennial Quilt Show 2019: 
    Irene Woller
    Liz Lahm
 Responsible for appointing committees, conducting meetings, and overseeing plans for the quilt show.
 EAA Gathering 2017: 
     Lynn Mozingo
 Responsible for appointing committees, conducting meetings, and overseeing plans for the quilt show.
 Charity Quilts: 
    Lynn Mozingo
Responsible for coordinating the Guild's charity projects and scheduling monthly open sew days.
    Liz Lahm
    Karla Abraham
 Update and maintain the Guild website. Take pictures at meetings and upload them to the web.

    Peg Hamblin
 Maintain the guild library.