About LQG

The Lakeside Quilters' Guild formed in 1984 under the leadership of Mary Ellen Frenzel. In the fall of 1984 she placed the following ad in the Oshkosh newspaper:

"All interested Quilters meet at the Oshkosh Library on October __, at 6:30 p.m." (date unknown).
The Guild was launched.

January 1985

First newsletter was called Waves - Lakeside Quilter Club. The Guild had 43 members by January 1985. Dues were $5.00.

The following is a letter written by Mary Ellen Frenzel for the first Lakeside Quilters' Guild Newsletter, January 1985:

Dear Quilters,

The interest and enthusiasm shown at our first three meetings is proof that Oshkosh really needed a Quilt Club. We now have forty-three members! Each one of you seems to be so excited about this intriguing craft.

The objectives for this club have been designed to meet your needs: to learn more about quilting, to share your work, to solve your problems, to make new friends, and to obtain personal satisfaction from your project.

Therefore, you need to be aware of all the areas related to quilting: fabrics, supplies, techniques, teachers, classes, lectures, workshops, and show books, and magazines. We shall explore the world of quilting together ... I look forward to our adventure.

Mary Ellen Frezel

By March of 1985, the newsletter was called Lakeside Ripples.

Fall 1985

In the fall of 1985 we had morning and evening meetings on the same day: 9:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. In September 1985, the first quilt made by 21 members was called Dashing Shoofly. In October 1986, Carol Piper, a Guild member, purchased it.

Founder, Mary Ellen Frenzel, served as president for two years.

LQG Celebrates 25 Years

2009 was the guild's 25th anniversary To commemorate this event, members of the guild created an anniversary quilt. The quilt was completed in July 2009.

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