Leonardo da Vinci Multinational Partnership Project

"Teaching Methods in English".

The participants of the project are representatives from educational organizations in 5 European countries (teachers, students and management staff). 

The project aims at providing teachers with the opportunity, the means and the support they need in order to heighten their teaching skills and thus pursue a successful teaching career. We will exchange cultural values and compare teaching methods and acquire innovate teaching techniques based on ICT, will attend in-training short courses in partner countries, will participate to each other’s classes, practise collaborative teaching, create didactic aids and also have 5 “seminars” during mobilities in each participating country from September 2010 to May 2012. 

As a result we will come to (re)consider our own methods and national school systems in a new perspective by comparing them to the education values established at the European level. The project also addresses students as they will benefit from equal education opportunities, the diversification of the schools curriculum and project activities (by introducing optional courses on comparative cultural topics, CAL and CLIL) and will improve their English abilities. Furthermore, we will improve the management system in the partner institutions by sharing good practice and focusing on the use of ICT. 

As a result of the project we plan to produce a project site, a blog, moodle, wiki, a DVD with video recordings of sample lessons and a brochure including good methodological practices. We will constantly disseminate our work and involve the local communities and the press in workshops and meetings and we will make SWOT analyses, apply questionnaires to monitor progress and evaluate on going project process.