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Robotics is on of the introductory classes in the Warrior Engineering Program along with Pre-Engineering.  

Students are given the basic knowledge of robotics including computer programming skills and a basic understanding of how various robots function. Students are then asked to make their robots perform various tasks such as using various sensors to accomplish goals such as solving a maze or tracking various objects around a room.  Students learn and apply concepts such as geometry, algebra, physics, and chemistry without realizing the direct relationships until later in the year when they are pointed out to them.  The goal is for students to understand how their core content classes apply in the real world on real world projects.

Topics of the class include:
  • Computer programming
  • Robot movement
  • Robot development/limitations
  • Basic mobile app development
  • Computer aided drafting
  • Measurement
  • The engineering and design process
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering

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