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Project leader, scientist, and new technology champion with technical and entrepreneurial expertise in image and signal processing, pattern recognition, speech analytics, and multimedia security. Application areas include: multimedia, machine vision, environmental, and biomedical.




  • Multimedia signal analysis, processing, analytics, and security
  • Pattern Recognition of digital signals and data
  • Biometrics algorithms, sensors, standards – fingerprint, speech, iris, face, etc.
  • Authentication security ID cards, smart cards, tokens, password, biometrics
  • Document image processing capture/scanning, OCR, page layout, web algorithms
  • Document security watermarking of speech, image, text, and video
  • Technology entrepreneurship from technology to funded business


Lawrence O'Gorman is a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at Bell Laboratories working in areas of image and signal processing, pattern recognition, and multimedia security. Before that he was a Research Scientist at Avaya Labs, Chief Scientist and co-founder of Veridicom (a fingerprint device company), and at Bell Labs (for the first time). 

He has written over 70 technical papers, eight book chapters, holds 15 patents, and is co-author of the books, "Practical Algorithms for Image Analysis" published by Cambridge University Press, and "Document Image Processing" published by IEEE Press. He is a Fellow of the IEEE and of the International Association for Pattern Recognition. In 1996, he won the Best Industrial Paper Award at the International Conference for Pattern Recognition and an R&D 100 Award for one of "the top 100 innovative technologies of that year." 

He has served on US government panels to NIST, NSF, and NAE, and to France's INRIA.  He is an adjunct faculty member at Poly/NYU and the Cooper Union. 

He received the B.A.Sc., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Ottawa, University of Washington, and Carnegie Mellon University respectively.