Getting to Tempe, AZ

fly to Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, 10 minutes from Tempe, AZ 

Getting to Tempe, AZ and the LPNMR 2007 conference location is easy. Tempe, AZ with a population of 170,000 is in the middle of the metropolitan Phoenix area (population : 3.7 million). The Sky Harbor Airport of Phoenix is adjacent to Tempe and it takes about 10 minutes in a Taxi to get from the Sky Harbor airport to the conference location in downtown Tempe. The airport being so close, many hotels in Tempe have free shuttle to the airport. (Please contact with the hotel to make arrangements for picking you up or dropping you there.) The Sky Harbor airport has free wi-fi.

British Airways flies between London and Phoenix. All major US airlines (American, United, Delta, US Air, Continental, etc.)  that fly internationally fly directly between Phoenix and their US hubsOther international flights exisit between Phoenix and cities in Mexico, Canada and Costa Rica.

US Airways (America West airlines of Tempe acquired US Airways in 2005 and the merged airline is now called US Airways) has its headquarter in Tempe, and has a hub in Phoenix. At present most of its international flights to Europe are through Philadelphia.

Southwest Airlines, famous for its low fares and on-board cuisine (of peanuts), has one of its major operation from Phoenix, flying directly between most of its locations and Phoenix. 

Phoenix and Tempe are on the I-10 interstate highway  that runs between Santa Monica, CA and Jacksonville, FL and passes through cities such as Los Angeles, Riverside, Tucson, Las Cruces, El Paso, San Antonio, Houston, Baton Rouge, New Orleans and Pensacola. Las Vegas is a four hour drive from Phoenix.