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Las Hermanas of Latinas Promoviendo Comunidad/ Lambda Pi Chi Sorority, Inc. are committed to the promotion of our ideals through the central tenants of La Comunidad, La Cultura Latina, and La Hermandad, which promote:

  • To unify women through the promotion of the Latino community and the Latino culture;
  • To promote community service to the local community;
  • To work towards the advancement of all people of color with a special emphasis on the Latina;
  • To enlighten our respective communities about Latino cultural, social, and political issues;
  • To sponsor cultural events which identify and evaluate the existing and emerging roles of women with an emphasis on the Latina; and
  • To promoting professional advancement by encouraging academic excellence, mentorship, and networking.


We implement these ideals in the following manner:


La Comunidad

 As it is evident in our name, we are deeply commited to the uplifting and betterment of our communities by creating and participating in community service events. Nationally we have particpated in various endeavors including, Project L.E.A.A.P.,  Latinas Educating Aids Awareness and Prevention; and Project HACER, Hermanas for the Advancement of Career and Educational Resources. On a chapter level, we have worked closely with campus organizations such as HSF conducting College Preparatory workshops for Latina/o high school students, and hosting health awareness workshops geared towards undergraduate students. 

La Cultura Latina

Las Hermanas seek to educate others and ourselves about the Latina experience in this society, while simultaneously embracing the breadth of experiences of all women. Recognizing the diversity of experiences that shape Latino identity, we seek to promote intra-cultural understanding as a means of bridging the gap between Latino experiences thereby utilizing the Sorority as a vehicle for unity.We believe that knowledge of our cultural heritage and ourselves, coupled with authentic linkages to our communities are tools that can be used to nurture proud, productive communities as well as foster the development of proactive community members.

La Hermandad

We are bound by sacred traditions, unique to Latinas Promoviendo Comunidad/ Lambda Pi Chi Sorority, Inc. These traditions serve as the foundation for a lifetime support system that extends across a spectrum of experiences. The Hermandad is the means by which we support each other personally, academically and professionally. It provides members of our organization the opportunity to share common experiences, while benefiting from each others distinct perspectives. We seek to nurture personal growth and development in our members. Our motto, "La Hermandad Nunca Termina," is a representative of our lifetime commitment to each other and the special relationship we share.


Inherently interwoven within our three ideals La Hermandad, La Comunidad, and La Cultura Latina are the following  concepts: Academic Excellence, Community Service and Networking:  


Academic Excellence

We strongly believe that our primary reason for attending college is the obtainment of a sound education. For this reason we aim to succeed at every task set before us academically. This ideology permeates all aspects of our lives and evidence of this can be found in our Hermanas who continue to obtain higher academic degrees.      

Community Service

Our organization is based on the action of servicing our community. We utilize the vast resources at our disposal to create positive changes. We believe in participating and organizing community service event that will achieve a specific end. We utilize the resources and experiences we have gained and share it so that others may benefit from it. Nationally and on a chapter level, we are required to participate and organize a minimum number of community service projects, a requirement that is usually superceded.


We, as Hermanas, use each other as resources for our academic and professional advancement. We continually work to provide academic and career opportunities for one another. We also believe in networking externally as evidenced by our participation in networking events with other Greek and non-Greek organizations.


Want to learn more? Visit our national website at www.lambdapichi.org.