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Spring 2009


1. Krystal Cruz

School: City College Of New York '10

Major: Public Relations & Advertising

Hermana Name: Ara’nasíl  

Nationality: Dominican and Puerto Rican

Why did you join LPC?  This was the organization where I felt the most genuine connection between hermanas. I wanted to be part of an organization where I could develop a long-lasting friendship and bond with other women. Additionally, I wanted to be a part of the philanthropic efforts of LPC, such as Proyect HACER and LEAPP.  

Quick Facts: Shortly after joining LPC, Krystal brought her talents to the national stroll team and helped lead the team to a 3rd place finish in the national Latino Greek Stroll Competition. In the summer of 2010, Krystal became the Stroll team captain and lead the team to a FIRST PLACE FINISH! Additionally, Krystal is an accomplished dancer and is part of the New Jersey Devils Dance team and the New Jersey Ironmen Dance team.

2. Sujeidy Marte 

School: City College of New York '09

Major: Psychology

Hermana Name: Jli'nax                

Nationality: Dominican

Quick Facts: Sujeidy learned about Lambda Pi Chi after working under the great direction of one of our sorority founders, Maria Caban.

3. Belissa Reyes   

School: City College of NY '10

Major: Dance and Economics

Hermana Name: Ki'nayìalé    Nationality:Dominican/Chinese

Quick Facts: Shortly after joining LPC, Belissa also brought her talents as a professional dancer to the LPC National Stroll team helping to lead the team to a third place finish in the national Latino Greek Stroll Team Competition. Aside from strolling, Belissa pursues her passion for dancing.

4. Lesley Loor 

School: Barnard College '11

Major: Urban Studies/Sociology

Hermana Name: Xaynallá

Nationality: Puerto Rican/Ecuadorian

Why did you join LPC? I wanted to be a part of something genuine that represented strength for other women and that really embodied a lifetime relationship with all its members. I'm very much concerned about the community, especially those of low income communities. Latinas Promoviendo Comunidad/ Lambda Pi Chi really impacted me and my personal passion.


5. Dinorah Peña 

School: Manhattan College '10

Major: Public Relations & Journalism

Hermana Name: Tajanalí

Nationality: Dominican

Quick Facts: Prior to joining LPC/LPCS,I. Dinorah was the founder of the mentoring program Big Jasper Little Jasper at New Explorers High School. Now as a new member of LPC/LPCS,I. at Beta Chapter she is developing a mentoring program to include the Proyecto HACER initiative.

6. Stephanie Cruz 

School: Baruch College '09

Major: Finance & Investments

Hermana Name: Qynarasé

Nationality: Dominican/Puerto Rican

Quick Facts: Stephanie is also a member of the National LPC/LPCS,I. stroll team. Along with Krystal and Belissa, she provided her talent and passion for dance to the stroll team, ultimately leading to a third place finish in the national Latino Greek Stroll Competion in 2009. Stephanie is also passionate about travel, she recently completed a study abroad trip to Greece. She is currently working for a NYC marketing firm.



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