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We, Las Hermanas of Beta Chapter, thank you for visiting our site. Please click on the links to learn more about our sorority, our chapter, and our events.


We are the first latina-based organization founded at an Ivy-League institution.

We are the first Latina sorority founded at Columbia University 


Our Mission: 

"To empower women by providing a supportive network dedicated to their personal and professional  advancement. Our Hermandad is further advanced by our dedication and promotion to public service and cultural awareness, with an emphasis on U.S. Latino History, contributions, and experiences."


Special Announcements:

Las Hermanas of Beta Chapter welcome all incoming freshmen Class of 2014!

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Congratulations Beta Chapter Spring 2010!


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 April 16, 1988


Cornell                      University


La Comunidad

La Hermandad

La Cultura Latina 


Red, Gold, Black, and white 



Red Carnation
Jewel:  Fire Opal


 The Monarch Butterfly