1/23/13 12-13 weeks old

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in adopting a rescued dog or puppy! When you adopt one, you save two, by allowing room to bring another needy dog into rescue!

Who We Are!
We are an adoption coordinating agency, in New England, facilitating the re-homing of puppies and dogs in need, all of them come from the efforts of our affiliate Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi rescue groups and their wonderful dedicated foster homes who rescue and rehabilitate and
take care of these babies for so long before coming northeast to their furever homes.

The majority of dogs and puppies in the south will be killed within 7 days of being dropped off at a shelter IF they are thought to be strays, IF an owner drops them off they could be on their way to the gas chamber / kill room as the owner walks to their car. IF we have room in a southern foster home we can pull many of them and place them into foster care for, at least, 5 weeks, with a private foster family until they are fully vetted. When there is a litter of puppies in need of rescue and their Mom is available we ALWAYS take her in, too, once her puppies are weaned, she is spayed. Then, IF ADOPTED, they head north to new furever homes! There are a lot of IFs in rescue.....

Our adoption process involves a completed application, a vet reference, an interview/home visit and an adoption agreement must be signed. The adoption fee goes to the vetting and personal care of the dog/puppy you are adopting as well as the care of other dogs/puppies coming into rescue. The adoption fee will be due upon pickup and the transport fee will be due, Wednesday, the week of transport and is paid directly to the transport company via PayPal. Adoption fees vary per dog or puppy. Each profile will indicate that particular dog's/puppy's adoption fee.

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We do not have a physical location. Our dogs and puppies are kept in private foster homes in Alabama, in Tennessee, in Mississippi and in New England for 3-6 weeks or longer, depending on age, as part of a family, to help prepare them for transition into their northern forever homes and also to have enough time to have them receive all the necessary vetting we require before placing them with an adoptive family,  for their health and safety.

You are very welcome to speak with the the foster family about the dog/puppy you are interested in after we receive your 

IF a dog or puppy is marked as "fostered in New England" it simply means they will come into northern foster care IF they are NOT adopted first, if they are adopted first they will arrive from AL, TN or MS directly to their new family, once in their new home they must stay within the family's home and yard until they are one week out from their fourth DHLPP vaccine! 

Once a dog is committed to, they go on the next available transport. If they remain in the AL, TN or MS foster home, once committed to, they are taking up a space where another dog or puppy could be pulled from the shelter, or kept from going into a shelter, and come into rescue. Stray dogs and puppies have a 7 day "hold" in the shelter (waiting for someone to come in and claim them) before they are killed / euthanized, so an adopted dog or puppy remaining in a foster home could mean the death of another dog or puppy.

How Our Puppies Travel!

All our dogs and puppies will be transported from TN, AL or MS to the northeast via All Paws Transport Services, LLC. Puppies need to be spayed or neutered seven days before transport. Spay or neuter is mandatory. Their cost is only $125 prepaid by adoptive family via PayPal!

Adopting a friend from us!

Our puppies or dogs come into Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee rescue in many ways, it could be from the shelter, a phone call from someone who is planning to dump their dog or their dog's litter of puppies at the shelter UNLESS we will take them or they are found on the side of a road, in the woods, a bag fished out of the water with puppies in it, a covered trash can, or a box.

1) They will receive their first  DHLPP, bordetella and panacur if rescue feels they are approximately 5-6 weeks of age.

2) At 7-8 weeks they get their second DHLPP and are wormed again

3) At 9-10 weeks they go to the vet for their spay or neuter

4) At 10 weeks they get their third DHLPP and SMZ-TMP 

5) The day before they leave on the transport to go to their furever homes in the northeast they go to the vet for a wellness exam and fecal for their health certificatel, fecals DO NOT detect anything but parasites, they DO NOT detect parvo, only a SNAP test detects parvo IF they are showing any clinical sympstoms.

Preference is given to those who have submitted an application. Application

If the dog or puppy you are interested in has a notation of  "adopted!" next to their name they are not currently available, although, occasionally, people do change their minds and the dog or puppy becomes available again.

The adoption fee also helps to defray expenses for their food & veterinary care:

Our adoption fee includes:

1) spay or neuter

2) DHLPP with Corona (1st vaccine, 2nd booster & third booster for puppies under 16 weeks- third booster if they came into rescue foster care at 6-8 weeks, 2 vaccines for over 16 weeks)

D- distemper, H- hepatitis, L- leptospirosis, P- parvo, P- parainfluenza

When your dog or puppy arrives to MS, AL or TN rescue foster care they will be in isolation quarantine away from every other dog or puppy, except for the puppies/littermates they arrived with until they have had three DHLPP vaccines, then they can leave for their new home. If they are in rescue foster care long enough to have four DHLPP vaccines they are then allowed to mingle with other dogs currently in the foster home. 

Please realize- quarantining does not simply mean out of a shelter or boarding facility and into a foster home. Once a dog or puppy is pulled from one of those facilities and goes into a foster home they can expose the animals already there to whatever they were exposed to in the shelter or boarding facility. If a new group of dogs or puppies come out of a facility and into a foster home they HAVE to go into another isolation quarantine area or they risk exposing the puppies and dogs that are still in isolation quarantine.

Unfortunately, there is never a 100% guarantee that three vaccines will be enough to completely protect them. We are using the vaccine protocol from the University of Florida which allows the first vaccine to be given as early as 6 weeks, second at 8 weeks and third at 10 weeks. 2010 UFVMC Small Animal Vaccine Protocol

If the puppies come into rescue older than six weeks their first vaccine is given at the time they come into rescue and again every two weeks until their third vaccine is given. Their third vaccine will be given no later than 1 week before they leave on a transport. Your puppy will definitely need the fourth DHLPP vaccine 2-3 weeks after his third one at your own vet, please discuss this with them when you bring your puppy in for the initial exam.

3) rabies vaccine with certificate and tag IF puppy is 12 weeks and older required by the USDA to cross state lines

4) Bordetella (kennel cough)

5) worming bi-weekly during fostered quarantine

6) flea/tick control

7) heartworm control over 8 weeks of age

8) vet records

A health certificate, http://www.aphis.usda.gov/animal_welfare/downloads/manuals/dealer/healthcert.pdf, is required by the US Dept of Agriculture for any animal that has crossed or is crossing state lines and states that at the time of issue the animal has no communicable diseases. The health certificate is only good for ten days. A veterinarian is required to do a physical exam on any animal needing a health certificate, this includes a fecal.

The health certificate is signed by a vet AFTER a physical exam is performed and there is no sign of any health issues. Most health issues require an incubation period, if anyone (canine/human/feline) is incubating for any disease there is no way to recognize that until symptoms are present.