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Some popular software titles for broadcasters. = software author's home page.

In support of all of the low power broadcasters out there we offer this short list of free software downloads. If one of your favorites is missing, or if you have any other comments, please drop a line at our gmail addy:

ZaraRadio  3.2M - the renowned radio automation application. Scroll down the download page for the English info.

Weather Watcher  2.2M - The Weather Watcher program needed by ZaraRadio for automated weather info.

MP3 Gain  550k - analyzes and adjusts mp3 files so that they have the same volume.

The MP3 VCR  6.2M - record MP3 streams off the web. Great for capturing content for rebroadcast.

Yawcam  3.5M - 'yet another webcam' software with streaming, http server, ftp upload and effects.

Streamerp2p  360k - stream audio without a server, requires Oddcast encoder DSP.

mp3DirectCut  180k - fast and extensive audio editor and recorder for compressed mp3.

1 by 1  94k - a small, fast and handy player which provides powerful tools to play tracks. Light station automation, runs on a 200 MHz PC. Accepts some Winamp plug-ins.

Peak Limiter  115k - enhances music recordings and digitized speech.

Audio Level Meter  385k - optimum setting of input levels for various sound recording functions.

Audacity  2.4M - free sound editor, record, edit, effects, unlimited undo.

Soliton  303k - a handy sound file attributes adjustment utility.

Windows Media Encoder 7.1 4.4M - Older version of windows encoder software, works with Win98 and a 200MHz PC with 32 MB RAM. Easy way to streamn your audio to the internet using an old, discarded PC.

Audio Stocker 8k - Audio Compressor and muxer plug-ins for WinAmp.

Weather Grabber 90k - get weather data.

Scanner Recorder 194k - sound activated PC recording utility.

Ogg Drop XP 307k - drop zone utility for converting WAV files to the GPL OGG format.

Lame 108k - Lame Ain't an MP3 Encoder. Older build.

Sound Capture 751k - configurable sound recording utility useful when digitizing analog sources like LPs and Casettes.

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3rd party audio software links from "Because newer is not always better."

Sound programs for DOS Platforms. Can be handy for single use machines Free software that's free of trial nags and other icky stuff.

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