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Jon Benjamin, Operations Manager at the Mix Radio Network writes "I have been a part 15 enthusiast for a long time with our station "Surfside 1640" and wanted to pass along some exciting news to low power broadcasters who want to grow their stations. 

The Mix Radio Network, DAT and Bandwidth Daddy have joined forces to give you...

- FULL SERVICE Radio Station Coverage
- Fully legal music licensing and Shoutcast stream hosting.
- FREE 24/7 Updated National Weather from The Mix Radio Network
- - Listen here:http://mixovernight.srpradionetwork.com
- FREE Station IDs from Digital Audio Tracks!
- - Listen here:http://www.wzfb.com/Dat_Audio.mp3
- DAT was the voice of the SaveNetRadio.org PSA campaign.  Sound familiar? 
- - Listen here:http://www.wzfb.com/savenetradio

Simply purchase a Bandwidth Daddy hosting plan worth $30 or more and get FREE 24/7 Mix Radio Weather and FREE Station IDs from DAT!  Add a $35 a month plan at Loudcity and save big on Live365 and many others.  Price starts at just $65 per month for everything. 

You also have the benefit of consulting with a team who has made numerous large market FM stations into legends- in programming, engineering and construction.  Over 25 years of broadcast radio experience working for you.  We'll walk you through the whole process.  Sign up and reap the rewards now...  before it is too late. 

To receive these benefits, a station agrees to air one 60 second commercial three times per day for the Mix Radio Network pack.  DAT is completely free with your Bandwidth Daddy package.
Surf to http://www.BandwidthDaddy.com to sign up or call Keith at 312-212-EZ24!  (3924)

As always, if you have any questions, just call or email!

Jon Benjamin
Operations Manager
Mix Radio Network
(740) 994-0101

Rick Davis
Technical Supervisor
Bandwidth Daddy
(312) 212-EZ24 (3924)

Jonathan Knight
Affiliate Sales
DAT/SRP Radio Network
(919) 341-5615