Extend FM Radio Broadcasting with the MAXNET Repeater System

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Extend FM Radio Broadcasting with the MAXNET Repeater System

  • "Cellular" type broadcast station uses micro power repeaters along major thoroughfares which provide uninterrupted, static free reception to any FM car radio over distances from less than 1 to over 5 miles, depending on the number of repeaters installed.
  • System is FCC certified under Part 15. no license required.
  • Easy to install solar powered repeaters are fully self-contained, no cables to run. A complete functioning system can be set up in hours, using only an auger or post hole digger.
  • MAXNET network transmitter controls all repeaters and feeds the common audio signal without wires.
  • Installed multi-band audio processor makes MAXNET as loud and crisp as any major market station.
  • "Traffic Alert" option allow authorities to use system for emergency notifications, and alerts drivers using strobe lights mounted atop repeaters.
  • Lower "per listener cost" than "licensed" radio stations.

MAXNET: How does it work?

MAXNET is a broadcasting system consisting of a central network transmitter and a series of MAXNET FM repeaters. The main network transmitter sends out a signal which is picked up by each repeater. The signal is converted to the FM band and transmitted to passing vehicles within the allowable radius of about 300 feet (approx. signal strength is 7.5uV/M). One repeater is installed every 500 to 600 feet along the highway or for each 300,000 sq. feet (approx. 7 acres) of desired coverage area within an unobstructed perimeter. All repeaters transmit on the same frequency, so as a motorist passes one repeater he approaches the next, providing seamless reception.

A sign or billboard at the beginning of a MAXNET reception zone indicates to passing motorists where to tune their FM radio to get more information.

For example: Let’s say a sign just south of Barstow, CA indicates to southbound motorists on I-15 that information for the Factory Outlet Mall can be heard on 101.5 FM. The mall is still several miles ahead, but as motorists tune in they get information on the various stores in the mall, as well as special "MAXNET listeners only" promotions and sales. Mall owners, operators of the MAXNET system, enjoy increased patronage and are able to generate additional revenue by selling time to their tenants and other advertisers.

MAXNET extends the reach of licensed FM radio stations into mountain passes, canyons, and tunnels, etc. Imagine driving along Interstate 405 (The San Diego Freeway) between West Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. As you travel through this pass through the Santa Monica mountains the signal quality of the station you have been listening to degrades to distorted noise. You turn the radio down or pop in a tape or CD. If its rush hour you could easily spend 20 - 25 minutes in this "radio dead zone". Multiply this by 250,000 cars an hour. Listeners are lost in numbers as large as other top 100 markets. What a waste.

With MAXNET installed along the shoulder of the freeway, carrying a relayed signal from the station that faded out, you would still be listening to the radio. MAXNET picks up the stations’ signal from the top of the pass, and broadcasts the audio feed to each of the repeaters which convert the signal to crisp, clear and uninterrupted FM coverage the entire length of the pass, on the same frequency of the actual station.

What about covering fringe L.A. beach areas, on those days when the mercury soars and 300,000 are at the beaches? Of course, MAXNET can be used in any city were "line of sight" signal coverage is impossible due to terrain or tunnels.

Other MAXNET Applications 

  • Outlet malls, truck stops and casino/hotels can advertise their businesses to approaching traffic
  • Large event venues (arenas, race tracks, air shows, outdoor concerts and raves, etc.), for parking or other information and advertising.
  • Communities can welcome travelers, advertise local businesses, promote events, offer services, issue weather or road warnings
  • Businesses with electronic reader board signs can add a "soundtrack" to the visual images.
  • Large parking areas, RV parks
  • Amusement parks, beaches, resort areas, campgrounds and military bases.

MAXNET Repeaters: Truly Wireless

MAXNET repeaters require no connections to power or audio feeds. They may be simply installed into a post hole using the "fence post" version or mounted to existing utility poles using the modular version. Each repeater has its own solar panel, and built in rechargeable battery pack for power, which provides uninterrupted operation 24 hours a day. Audio is received from the MAXNET audio link transmitter via the repeaters’ built in receiver, then is converted to the selected FM channel.

Bottom Line: No wires to install. Installation is so easy that MAXNET repeaters can be used for short term or temporary applications such as military bases during public air shows etc. Set up and strike down can be done in just hours.

MAXNET : Traffic Alert Option

With a simple telephone call from a highway patrol dispatcher or officer on a cell phone, the MAXNET system alerts drivers approaching an accident or weather related hazards. Using their phones’ touch tone keypads the authorities can activate warning lights on each repeater, record a warning message, review and change the message and indicate how long the message must play. After the message times out, normal automated programming resumes.

MAXNET : Specifications

  • Network Transmitter, Model MAX-1356 - Network Transmitter System: Model MX-1356, Range to 5 miles, Standard Rack Mounted Enclosure, w/ PLL narrow band FM transmitter operating on 13.56 MHz, complies with Part 15.225
  • Triple Band Audio Processor and Loudness Controller 6 minute capacity audio message repeater, 6.5khz frequency response standard. An external message system or CD player may also be used.
  • Line and Mic inputs, w/mixer
  • Network Control System for remote control of transmitter operation and frequency adjustment.
  • FCC approved ¼ wave vertical ground plane antenna system
    Output Signal Strength: 10,000uV/M @ 30M
  • Dimensions: 19"W (17" behind panel) x 3.5"H x 14"D, Shipping Weight: 15lbs, Complete Instructions, 3 Year Limited Warranty

For range to 20 miles per segment. We expect to offer an upgrade for the MX-1356 which uses UHF spread spectrum technology in the near future. This system transmits digital audio to the repeaters and can be extended indefinitely in 20 mile segments. The fidelity is superior to the standard MX-1356, with full 15khz bandwidth. Existing repeaters are up-gradeable to spread spectrum technology in the future.

Repeater System, Model RPX-22

This is the companion repeater unit for the MX-1356 above. It includes a 13.56 MHz TRF FM receiver, remote controllable PLL FM transmitter, storage battery, solar panel mounted in "post". The post itself is 8’ in length, 3.5" in diameter and "safety" orange in color, this high strength polyethylene pipe is designed to be sunk 2’ into the ground. Included extender bar at base included for burial without concrete. Antennae (receiving and transmitting) are fully enclosed within the pipe. A external solar panel is mounted to the above thew pipe cover which supplies power to operate the repeater and charge the internal battery pack for nighttime operation.

The repeater is easily installed into the upper end of the pipe. The enclosure meets federal highway safety requirements. Unique locking mechanism prevents access to internal circuitry by unauthorized persons.

All Products are FCC Certified to meet FCC part 15.238 and Class B limits.

Custom enclosure options available for mounting on utility poles and street lights.

Leasing and Purchasing

A rule of thumb would be that for a standard 5 mile system, the monthly cost on a three year lease would be approximately $2,250 per month. The lease buyout is $1. This cost is substantially less than the cost of a single billboard, which rents for an average of $3,300 per month in our area, along an interstate highway. We will be happy to give you a precise quote for your specific applications and distance.

MAXNET FM Broadcasting SystemsTypical Applications

  • Airports for General Information Broadcast
  • Automobile Dealerships for New and Used Lot Specials
  • Bank ATM's for Directions and Additional Services
  • Bank Drive-Thru's for Additional Products and Services
  • Bus / Train Terminals for General Information
  • Billboards - Talking Advertising Billboards
  • Billboards - Talking Highway Advertising Billboards
  • Car Rental Agencies Advise What To Do With Returned Car
  • Car Washes Promote Additional Services
  • Campgrounds Advise Parking, Directions, Points of Interest
  • Condos and Apartments Special Offers Audio Newsletter
  • Convenience Stores for In-Store Products and Services
  • Drive - In Theater - Audio Transmission of Voice Track Via Car Radio
  • Draw Bridge Times & General Information
  • Hotels, Motels, Resorts Explain What to See, Where It Is, How To Get There
  • Gas Marts Broadcast Prices, In-Store Products and Services
  • Marinas - Charter Information - Current Weather Reports
  • Museums - Audio Guided Tours
  • Real Estate - Residential, Commercial, Developments, Communities
  • State Parks - General Information
  • Retail Stores - Unadvertised Specials, Promotions
  • Rest Areas - General Information
  • Shopping Centers - Audio Directory
  • Schools - Radio Newsletter for Parents Dropping off Children
  • Trade Show - Parking Lot Advertising
  • Toll Booths - General Information
  • Theaters - Feature Listings and Times

**WARNING**Applications Limited Only By Your Imagination!

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