Evolution by Aggregation of Parts
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Evolution is the process by which simple units become complex systems.

We are part of an internet community held together by communication. Each of us is a multi-cellular animal made up of trillions of cells. Cells are single-celled organisms made of complex molecules. Molecules are elements made of atoms. Atoms are pieces of matter made of energy. Energy is made of vibrations. Vibrations came from the big bang. Evolution is how the big bang turned into you.

Before the beginning, there was the void, infinite potential energy. That which is called the void can  be made by creating a Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC), which is formed at 170 billionths of a degree above absolute zero. All atoms form a single entity, the fourth state of matter.

Bose-Einstein Condensate
bose einstein condensate

Step 1 -- The Big Whoosh

The void (infinite potential energy/a BEC) erupts outward, creating vibrations, which we would perceive as sound (if there were a way to hear it) and could define as letters. A remnant of it exists today as the universe's "background noise".

Anisotropy map of universe background radiation taken by the Cosmic Microwave Background Explorer (COBE)
Background radiation

Step 2 -- Sound Aggregates Into Light

Sound vibrations clump together to form light (heat, energy). Energy is a movement (vibration) that occurs a specific number of time (or in a mathematically ordered formula)

Sonoluminescence creating light with sound in the lab.

(The white dot in the middle is light being created by the vibrations in the water in the container, and does not come from any light source.)


Other Examples:
Planck's Constant - E=hf (Energy = action x frequency.)
Huygens' Principle - light is an aggregation of points on a wave..

Step 3 -- Light Aggregates Into Matter

Light (energy, heat) clumps together to form loose matter (atoms of hydrogen and helium, gas)

Einstein - E=MC^2 (Energy equals mass, proving that mass is not the lowest common denominator and that  it is made of energy).  
Step 4 -- Matter Aggregates into Molecules
The loose matter (gas) coalesces into stars and planets. The thermonuclear reactions in the stars create more complex atoms, almost all the elements in existence today. The stars die and turn to space dust. Radiation from the universe acts on the atoms in the space dust to create simple molecules. Occasional collisions of simple molecules on it create complex molecules. Radiation causes complex molecules to become self-replicating.

Molecules made self-replicating in  the lab.

Step 5 -- Molecules Aggregate Into Cells

4 of these molecules are adenosine, thymidine, guanosine and cytidine.
AT and GC get together to form pairs.
The AT and GC pairs group together to form genes.
The genes group together into plasmids
Plasmids group together into DNA
DNA and other molecules group together to form prokaryotes (simple cells like bacteria)
Prokaryotes aggregate into eukaryotes (more highly developed cells like amoeba)
Prokaryotes aggregate with DNA and other molecules into new prokaryotes.
Prokaryotes (bacteria, chloroplasts, mitochondria) aggregate with eukaryotes to form more advanced cells

"Life" comes into being somewhere during these substeps.but there is no demarcation line, as life is a natural progression of the actions of "non-living" matter. When a larger cell "aggregates with" smaller genetic material, we don't know if the larger one is consuming the smaller one, the smaller one is invading the larger one, or if they are mutually agreeing to the amalgamation. We only know the outcome.

Step 6 -- Cells Aggregate Into Multicellular Organisms

Prokaryotes and eukaryotes aggregate together with other biologic and genetic material to form multicellular organisms.

Step 7 -- Multicellular Organisms Aggregate Into Communities

There are many examples of animals forming communities. If you're looking at this through the internet, you are part of one now, the community of internet users. Other communities are seen in bee hives, bird flocks and ant hives.

This completes the course of evolution. There are 8 levels in all.

The Octave of Evolution
1. The Void
2.  Sound
3.  Light
4.  Atoms
5.  Molecules
6.  Cells
7.  Multicellular Organisms
8.  Communal Culture

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