Cholesterol is good for you. It is part of your immune system that helps keep you healthy. Your body makes it as a lubricant to protect your cells. Half your brain is made from cholesterol. Your liver manufactures it in response to cells being under stress. When you don't have enough of the nutrients to repair damage to your body's cells, cholesterol will mend them so they don't get any worse until they can be fully repaired. If your body were a road with potholes, cholesterol would be cold patch that kept it over the winter and Vitamin C and minerals would be the hot asphalt to make the permament repairs.

For that reason, when people die of clogged arteries, the autopsy shows high cholesterol rates, but the high cholesterol is the *result* of the clogged arteries and the body trying to *defend* itself (against the stress of the clogged arteries), not the cause. The clogs themselves are usually made of plaque, which is usually composed of bacteria, which are usually forming colonies (the clump). That is why high cholesterol is called a "risk factor" to atherosclerosis. Not because there is any actual cholesterol in the arterial clogs, which there isn't. Be very skeptical when any health claim is made based on "risk factors" or "correlation". Correlation is not causation.

If your cholesterol count is high, a fairly worthless test to take but if you take it you may as well get some good out of it, it means that somewhere in your body the cells are under stress. Anything you take that is healthy will be good for you, as will improving your overall diet and nutrition, but you especially want to eat foods high in cholesterol like eggs. Drinking beet kvass, kombucha or kefir will help reduce any stress your cells are under which will, in turn, reduce the need for your body to produce as much cholesterol which can lower your cholesterol levels. When your body needs less cholesterol and gets as much as it needs from your diet, it won't have to use its own resources in making cholesterol and will have that much more energy to deal with maintaining your health.

What does cholesterol do to protect your cells?
If your body were a road with potholes, cholesterol is like cold patch and Vitamin C is the hot asphalt. The body uses cholesterol  to seal up rips and tears in the walls of body tissues until such time as enough vitamin C can be obtained to repair the lesions. If your cholesterol is high, it may indicate your vitamin C is low. See Vitamin C for information on what constitutes "Vitamin C" and making your own supplements.

The body makes vitamin D out of cholesterol in the presence of sunshine.
Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency are: muscle aches, psoriasis, chronic pain, weakness, fatigue.
To add more cholesterol to your diet, eat: eggs, caviar, butter, animal fat.

To improve your diet and add more nutrition:
Eat raw
sauerkraut or other lacto-fermented vegetables and pickles with every meal.
Have a raw, cultured dairy product at least once a day.
kombucha tea, kvass or kefir.
Eat a tablespoon of coconut oil every day.
Take vitamin E to help blood circulation
Take a good quality multi-enzyme tablet with meals.
Take lots of naturally-sourced, mixed minerals like dolomite or clay.
healthy eating.

"People with high cholesterol live the longest."

Lots of scientific, technical stuff about cholesterol --
Another site about cholesterol, easier to read (more excitable, less scientific: this guy is really *angry* about the cholesterol lie --
Video interview --


Muscle cramps are often a side effect of conventional "cholesterol medication". They will often start getting better within days of discontinuing the "medication". Some people say that the drugs leech the enzyme co-Q10 out of the body, and recommend supplementing with that.

Cholesterol and calcium
Some conventional medical practice says to take calcium to lower cholesterol. I do not recommend this. I do recommend taking a mixed mineral supplement from natural sources. If you take calcium, you should always get it from a natural, full-array source that includes all of calcium's companion minerals, especially magnesium, because a surplus of calcium can cause a deficiency of magnesium and/or a build-up of calcium stones in the gallbladder, kidney, ears, arteries and other places in the body. See Magnesium and Minerals for more information on supplementing with minerals.

These drugs that are given to lower cholesterol are being implicated in transient global amnesia, or memory loss, in people who take them.

The Great Cholesterol Con  by Anthony Colpo
The Cholesterol Controversy  by Edward R. Pinckney

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