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Introduction page

You can find lots of information about how the house was rebuilt in 2010/ 11 on a modest budget; and some occupancy feedback after occupation through 2012. The aim for the house is to reduce the amount of energy used and limit the amount of carbon emitted  and in the process make the house a more comfortable and healthier place in which to live.

How to use the site:

Use the side bar to the left of your screen to navigate your way around the site:
  • Sections A and B will give you some background.
  • There are now hundreds of images and even a couple of videos of the house at all sorts of stages. You can view these by clicking on Section C
  • If you want to find out more then have a look at the research pages, Sections I to L
  • This site is moving towards the end game as post-occupancy results are shared and work comes to a natural conclusion and the site will not be updated after June 2013. Therefore one or two pages have been discontinued, hence no Sections D or K!
New on the site:
  • Post occupancy energy performance information has been added to Section #
Latest news:
  • First year energy performance shows a reduction in gas use of 42%+ versus a similar unimproved adjoining property.
About this site:

It's here to help. No membership required. You can view any-time. Designed to appeal both to people with no knowledge and loads of knowledge. Please share it with people you think might be interested. The site page format is also adjusted for viewing from a smartphone and will look rather different than when viewed from a desktop computer or laptop. All opinions expressed are those of the publisher. 

Finally, a quick sanity check before you dive in head first!

It's important that I highlight every dwelling is different. What works for one property will not necessarily work for another. There may also be a better approach for that property and the circumstances of the owner/ developer. Beware also the temptation to cherry pick, the measures shown here, especially relating to insulation, air tightness and ventilation are designed to work together to maximise their effect and to prevent other problems arising, (for example, air tightness without ventilation could lead to health and structural problems). If in seek professional advice through an organisation such as the sustainable building association (AECB) http://www.aecb.net/ . You can reach me at andrew.perma@gmail.com