The intention of this site is to help future house owners during planning and construction of their low energy or passive house. Although it specially focuses on buildings made of ICF (Insulating Concrete Forms - systems like Isorast, Wolf and similar), there are also many general topics that are not connected to a certain type of building material. The site gives explicite solutions to various details of an energy efficent house and answers to practical questions that potential passive house investors face during decision and construct
ion processes.
The site focuses on key elements of any energy efficient house: building site, architecture, thermal envelope, ventilation&heating and airtightness. Each is described in a separate section. It also includes house blogs that show the process of construction of a passive house begining with selection of a building site.
It is not the intention of this site to present theoretical foundation of passive houses as many other sites provide such information. Nevertheless, you can find some basic information and links here. 

All information on this site is based on theoretical knowledge and practical experience of passive house owners. This site is privately owned and is not related to any architectural office, building company or company poroviding building materials.
DISCLAIMER: The information on this site is intended to help investors decide. However, there is no garantee whatsoever that the house built following the guidelines provided on this site will perform as low energy or passive house as there are many additional factors that influence the energy consumption (e.g. climate, micro location, etc.). The investors are encuraged to gather information from additional sources before making any final decisions.