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The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher

Grades 4-7. Two dads, four sons, one dog, one cat, one imaginary cheetah. That’s the family Fletcher. This delightful offering is reminiscent of Jeanne Beardsall’s Penderwicks books, along with other stories that hearken back to an earlier, golden age of family stories. Levy makes some bold choices here. The chapters are alternately narrated by the brothers, who each has his own problem to work through. Twelve-year-old Sam is an athlete but toying with acting; fourth-grader Eli thought he wanted to go to a strict academic school, but it’s not working out; Jax, also in fourth grade, has to interview the grumpy neighbor for a project on veterans; and kindergartner Frog can’t get anyone to believe his school pal isn’t imaginary. If the book has one problem, it’s excess. Four brothers and all their friends make for a lot of characters and a lot of story. However, the warmth of this family and the numerous issues that readers will easily identify with make this a welcome choice, especially for boys. An interview in a local paper explains how this family became one. - Kirkus Reviews starred (June 1, 2014

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