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Rescue on the Oregon Trail

This series' first entry introduces a courageous time-traveling golden retriever on the Oregon Trail.While digging for a bone in his backyard, Ranger discovers a first-aid kit. Mysteriously imbued with time-travel properties, the kit sends Ranger back in time to Independence, Missouri--a starting point for the Oregon Trail--where Sam Abbott is searching for his little sister. Though he loves chasing squirrels too much to pass his search-and-rescue training, Ranger, who can understand human speech, doesn't pay distractions any mind as he follows his training to find little Amelia. His heroics earn him a place with the Abbott family on their journey, and he proves himself both remarkable and useful through many crises (like a buffalo stampede, sickness and river rapids). Though Ranger grows to love the Abbotts, he's constantly on the lookout and longing for Luke, his boy in the future. In the end, the kit takes Ranger back home, though its nature remains an enigma. The third-person narration expertly balances Ranger's thoughts between the appropriately doglike (squirrels! bacon!) and the heroic (Ranger's drive to find and protect). This well-paced story will keep the attention of even reluctant readers with its commitment to accurately chronicling the excitement and danger of the Oregon Trail. Whom will Ranger save next? (Adventure. 5-9) - Kirkus Reviews (November 15, 2014)

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