Henchman Biker Club

Henchmen MC

The Henchmen Motorcycle Club today is a Californian non-profit organization.

It has had a history of chapters in various areas throughout the United States since the early 1970s, from Chicago and New Jersey to Southern California and Monterey. At one time over 300 members existed in Southern California with many members and chapters merging into the Hells Angels organization during their push to absorb other clubs during the late 70's. It has been due to this past "merging" that the club's size and areas of influence has varied through the years. At one time, the top and bottom "rockers" of their patch were red lettering on a white background. The clubs "colors" are what is called a "Three Piece" patch which have top and bottom "rockers" that have a combination of black and blue lettering on a grey background, with the center logo depicting a black hooded executioner welding a double bladed axe.

In the early 90's the International President of the "Outlaws" motorcycle club, Harry Bowman, complained about the presence of Henchmen in the Chicago area and the merging of the Henchmen with the Hells Angels and the failure of the Chicago Outlaw chapter president, Pete “Greased Lightning” Rogers, to do anything about it. Bowman ordered the Henchmen clubhouse destroyed. Two months later, Outlaws Kevin “Spike” O’Neill and Raymond “Shemp” Morgan Jr. set off a car bomb outside of the Henchmen clubhouse at 1734 W. Grand Avenue, in Chicago, Illinois. The bomb damaged nearby structures, parked cars, and injured commuters but failed to destroy the clubhouse. The Outlaws finished the job several months later by dousing the clubhouse in gasoline and burning it down.

Currently most of the Membership is limited to men who own American-made motorcycles of a particular size, and membership dues are divided between the chapter and the Corporation. A prospective member is first a “hang-around” or associate. He then becomes a "prospect" and, finally, a patched member. A patched member is entitled to wear a vest bearing the Henchmen emblem, called “colors.” The patch is surrounded by chapter and club membership information, called “rockers.” A patched member is also allowed to attend the weekly “church meetings.”

All patchwearing members are required to attend “church meetings.” In addition, members are required to attend national and local “runs,” which are motorcycle trips and parties that may last several days. National runs are held three or four times a year, and local runs usually occur weekly. Members pay monthly dues, and also have to pay fees for each run.