About Us

Everything you never wanted to know about us...

Well, here we go. Our 2007 Christmas light display video's... Last year (in 2006) we ran a 6 ch Mr Christmas box (and I made that "Lights & Sounds of Christmas" signature banner I see everyone uses now :P)... This year (in 2007) we're running 128 channels of built by hand diy control - running the famous Vixen software.... The entire project was a lot harder than I expected it to be - and I'll be better prepared next year (I hope). We already have new idea's, and we'll have the Renard dimming adapter and/or controllers in 2008!!

One of my sons did all the video/audio syncing work, getting and creating this web page. The truth is, without my entire family, this project would still be in my kitchen, or worse - in my head. My two sons, my daughter and my wife - All contributed to this entire project from the beginning... From soldering, to wiring, to building, to sequencing (Yes my son, my wife and my self have all created sequences!), to designing --- EVERYTHING. Many thanks to all of them for their hard work.

The basic technical specs of our lights and display:

  • 20,000 lights mixed with LEDs
  • 6 full size outdoor Christmas tree's
  • 6 Mini tree's
  • 7 rope light piano style lawn strings
  • 20 snow flakes including 7 LED snow flakes
  • 2 snow machines
  • 128 channels of control from a pair of Olsen 595 controllers
  • Who knows how much CAT5?
  • Belkin Tunecast 2 with Antenna mod and 24db Antenna amp.
  • All being controlled by the wonderful VIXEN software.

These video's were shot on my wife's cell phone (Nokia N95-3) which records MP4 320x240 video at 30fps. Its not the best quality - but its what I have to work with at the moment. 

Our Tune In Sign, which is 35x16, covered in twinkling lighted garland, mounted up about 4 feet off the ground, and people still can't figure out they need to listen to the music to see the lights are synchronized...?


One of our Amazing Snowman Snow Machines, These little guys are pretty cool... I wish they spread the snow around more. The quantity is I think is enough, the distance its thrown out of his hat is what is limited... I had to re-wire them as they were originally remote controlled - and we needed them instant on when power is applied. Simple solution, but hard for big guys with big hands. Its near impossible to see the snow blowing in the videos... Sorry.



If any of you live near the DFW metroplex, please come by and see our display in person. Our address is located on the first page.