Pastured Pork

Our little piggies are raised on fresh pasture grass.  They spend the first weeks of life with their mothers in a fenced in area that still has lots of rough ground.  The land benefits from their rooting as they follow their instincts to dig and supplement their food ration with nature’s bounty.   When they reach weaning age, they are moved onto a feeder lot with access to grass, sunshine, and a healthy feed ration. We use a conventional feed that we purchase from our local farmer's cooperative. They also get veggie scraps from the garden and windfall fruit.


Piggies on the pasture.                                                 Mmmmmm, Mmmmm, good!                                      Feeding time is yum, yum time!

We currently do not process the pigs on the farm, that may come one day.  For now the pigs are taken to a USDA certified meat processor and are ground into the best tasting whole hog sausage you can imagine.  We have both fresh ground sausage and smoked links available.  Please contact us at if you’d like to purchase some delicious sausage.  The price is $7.00 per pound.