In the Orchard

Our orchard is a work in progress, and the title "orchard" is probably too grand.  We just plant what we like, then try to help it grow and produce despite sometimes less than ideal conditions.   Our land is low and holds water easily.  In order to give the roots of our trees sufficient drainage, we have begun using a mounding technique for our pecans, figs, and mulberries.  We hope that this will allow us to successfully grow the trees that will provide us with fruits and nuts for years to come.  We planted blueberries and thornless blackberries in 2014, pecan trees in 2015, scuppernong grapes in 2016,  and fig trees, mulberry trees, and a skinless "razz-ma-tazz" grape in 2017.  
 thornless blackberry 2014
 blueberries 2014

 blueberries 2017

 scuppernong grapes 2017

 mulberry trees 2017

 fig trees 2017
 razz-ma-tazz skinless grapes 2017