About Us

Love’s Labor Farm has been home to the Geiger family for 30 years, but it has not always been a farm. My parents bought the land from an aunt right after their marriage.  At that time it was wet, wooded acreage with access only along a two rut trail that led to a small clearing where Dad and his family had once planted rye for deer hunting. 

Over the years, they worked to clear the land, build a home, and raise a family here.  They always had animals on the property of one kind or another, but only as a hobby.  Dad recently retired and now has more time to devote to the farm, mom hopes to join him in retirement soon. 

When I went to my parents and told them that I wanted to make a serious attempt at farming, they agreed to give me their full support.  We started with a goal of having the farm provide clean food for our own family, and hopefully yours as well.  I am pleased to have the help of my new bride, Kelsey, in this labor of love.  Our goal is to produce delicious pasture-raised poultry and pork products raised using humane and sustainable methods. 

The name Love’s Labor was inspired by a painting that has hung in our home for several years. It was painted by an aunt who had a talent not only for painting, but for naming her pictures.  The name really sums up our family’s lifestyle.  We have worked hard to turn a piece of raw land into a home and have found joy in the journey. We have a lot of sweat equity in the place and it is definitely a labor of love.