About Me

I am from good ol' Corpus Christi, Texas aka-Sparkling City by the Sea, CC square, Corpus Crispy-and was born and raised in this lovely city. Corpus is located 3 hours south of Missouri City, Texas. If you ever want to visit this lovely town make sure you check out the beaches, La Playa Restaurant, Texas State Aquarium and of course, my university, Texas A & M University-Corpus Christi. The university is on an island and has its own beach! Now how is that for a great college to go to?
Texas A & M University-Corpus Christi is where I earned my degree in Bachelor of Arts and Humanaties-English with an emphasis for certification in English Langague Arts 8-12.  Feeling a need for a change I moved to Missouri City, Texas to teach at Elkins High School. At this lovely high school I teach freshmen and sophomores and serve as head coach for Varsity Cheer.  I am a constant learner and want to educate myself as much as possible in order to be the best teacher I can be for my students. Currently, I am  working on my Masters in School Counseling through Lamar University and will earn my degree in December 2012.  
In my spare time I enjoy reading a great book, hence probably why I love teaching literature. I guarantee your child will never be bored when we read novels because I try my best to bring the words to life. I recently got married on New Year's Eve. This is why you may see 'Stenger' on some of my papers. Together, we have an adventerous dog named Bentley whom we adore.

Volunteer work is a passion of mine. If you ever hear me talking about volunteer opportunities or community service events my cheerleaders are participating in this would be why. Do not forget that volunteer and community service work looks great on a college application. If you ever need references to any kind of opportunities of this sort please let me know so that I may point you in the right direction. 
In my classroom I expect your best and nothing but your best. There are no excuses in my classroom; instead leave them at the door because I do not want to hear it.  I love teaching and work hard to make English fun. I come to my job every day prepared, so I expect your child to come to my class prepared as well. 

I look forward to a wonderful school year!

Mrs. Love-Stenger