The Location

Our reception hall is an art gallery that began its life as a Catholic church.  The sacred architecture is still evident: the vaulted ceilings, the long nave, the raised area where the altar once stoof, the choir loft ...   The photo to the left shows the view from the (former)narthex into the (former) sanctuary.  The doors are centuries-old, brought from a flea market in France.  The ceiling is an amazing blue, the walls are crisp white, and angels are at the top of every column.

The hall is blocks away from downtown Cleveland, in the heart of the developing "Arts District."  We'll be taking advantage of a shuttle for our guests and offering valet parking.

The heavily-annotated table setting is from the bio of Knottie VintageGlam.  The lace is a detail from my dress.  The building photos are ones I took at the hall, during the day.



The Food

Our menu focuses on locally-sourced food, made with love and thought by La Campagna, in Westlake.








Appetizers/Cocktail Hour

    • TBD - caterer's choice
    • Salmon Mousse (a tradition from the groom's family)



Gourmet potato chips as a potential appetizer: salty chips and bubbly wine are a great pairing.

(photo from Inside Weddings, via Snippet and Ink)


The soup course could be served in minature pumpkins, but I believe it will be in martini glasses.

(photo from Inside Weddings)


The Music

DJ: Selective Sound 

  • First Dance: Jason Mraz, "I'm Yours"
  • Father-Daughter/Mother-Son Dance: TBD
  • Cake Cutting:
  • Bouquet Toss: Ben Folds Five, "Kate"
  • Garter: (We're still thinking this part over!)








I'm inspired by the colors of fall, but I don't want a "fall-themed" wedding.  I'm going with the idea of a gold and ivory palette, but without turning the celebration into something stiff.  It can be beautiful and fun, can't it?


Serve individual cones of fries during the champagne cocktail reception!

(Many thanks to Kathryn from Snippet & Ink who suggested this detail on our own personalized board.)




I love these "cake" ideas.  I'm really not a big fan of cakes - and honestly, a cupcake tower is still just another form of cake, albeit in cup form.  The truffle-sphere cake is from April Reed; the spun-sugar cake is from Brides; the brownie mini-wedding cake is a Martha Stewart creation; the macaroon cake was featured on chewing the cud.



All white, all candles.  (Photo from knotty kandr; photo from The Knot.)


All sorts of different ways to set up our reception space.