Imagine a really bad Halloween party - planned for a huge crowd, but only 15 people showed up. That's where we met. I almost didn't go, because at the last minute, my friend backed out. He nearly didn't get there, since he hit a deer on the way there. Somehow, we both managed to arrive at the party - which was a total flop. He decided to flirt with me because he didn't have much of a choice: I was the only single girl there!  I liked him immediately because he promised to teach me how to shoot.  On the other hand, I thought his accent was the worst imitation of an English accent I'd ever heard.

the proposal

He asked The Question in my parents' living room in Cleveland. Since we had tickets to the Indians' game that night, I had horrible visions of a Jumbotron and Slider with a dozen roses, but thankfully he reconsidered and surprised me while I was in the middle of drinking a Newcastle!


 our 15 minutes of fame

In July of 2007, we won a contest on Martha Stewart Radio on Sirius! I entered a 150-word essay on the off chance that it might get read.  It was a little surreal, then, when I got a phone call a few days later, congratulating us on being one of three final couples!

The final couples faced off in a wedding trivia contest that was live, on air, on Morning Living. Things got tough - the competition was fierce! - but we won the tie-breaking, sudden-death wedding trivia round. Luck was totally on our side when the winning question asked, "In what year did Diana Spencer marry Prince Charles?" Having an English fiance really helped!


 We won a fabulous trip to the Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso in Rivera Maya, Mexico. It was an amazing trip, and it's a location we're considering for a honeymoon. We also won a fabulous Sleep Number 5000 bed!