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I sent these photos to our florist ... I can't wait to see how she works with these ideas.

From Martha Stewart Weddings

From Brides - the photo was focusing on the dress and the gold cuff bracelet, but I loved the flowers.



This boutonniere is from Martha Stewart Weddings Summer 2008.  It's a spray rose, wrapped in gold ribbon, with jasmine and millinery flowers as accents.  I could definitely see this in red (groom) and white (groomsmen and fathers), just changing the accent ribbon for different roles.




My mom's request is a spray or a wreath to decorate these amazing doors at the entrance of the reception venue.



Reception Centerpieces




I love the wedding of Amanda and Matt (Knottie bio: VintageGlam) - they celebrated in an ornate, gorgeous building and let the venue speak for itself.  They used long banquet tables and candles lining the middle. 

We'll be taking advantage of our venue's history as a former church.  While we're not having a themed wedding, it seemed obvious to use objects that just went with the space.  We've been loaned some fantastic candlesticks; I've asked our florist to create something etherial around the base of the candles.


 floral inspirations: how I finally arrived at my final ideas.