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Roberta has been diagnosed with poorly differentiated small cell cancer with neuroendocrine differentiation involving the liver.  The CT scan of her liver shows numerous lesions.  The liver biopsy and pathology reports have confirmed that the lesions are cancerous tumors.  Roberta's cancer is considered fast-growing and "agressive", and the oncology team has determined that her condition  is "not curable".  It is not possible to determine the source of the cancer, although this type generally comes from the lungs or the pancreas.  

Roberta is in Stage IV cancer. The information we have received is based upon a variety of analyses and has been interpreted by the Kaiser oncology team.  A number of professionals have already consulted on her condition, but we will continue to pursue additional opinions.

Roberta will receieve palliative care that focuses on reducing the severity of the symptoms of her cancer.  If she receives radiation or chemoteraphy, the goal will be to reduce symptons of the cancer rather than to provide a cure. 

These have been the saddedst days of our lives, yet they have been filled with deep joy as well.  Roberta knows that she is very deeply loved and appreciated, and looks forward to that day when "He will wipe every tear from their eyes.  There will be no more death or mournting or crying, or pain..." (Revelation 21:4)