Photos & Slide Show

Our family loves photographs as they provide a way to reflect on the wonderful life that God has given us.  While I sit by Roberta's bedside as she sleeps, I am blessed to have an opportunity to share some of these photos with you by posting them on this website. I intend to add many more photos and create new albums as time goes on. You can download any photos that you like.  You can also upload photos to many of the albums.
 Love, Roberta & Norm, Christiana & Marten, Stephen, John

Photos of Roberta's family

  • Roberta's slideshow - slideshow shown at her Memorial Service, November 6, 2010. 
  • After the diagnosis - These photos were taken 2-weeks after Roberta was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. After some very rough days, Roberta had a good day, and we were blessed to have a dear friend capture some special family moments.
  • Many more to follow....

Photos of Roberta & friends

  • Roberta's Childhood Friends -  (Marquez Elementary, Paul Revere JHS, Palisades HS, Scouts).  Tonight Roberta directed me to another album that contains some more more photos of childhood friends, so some time in the future I intend to scan them and share them with you.
  • Many more to follow....