Download (v.1.1)

English Translation Patch

Version 1.1

Download Link (This is the new and lastest one.)

Version 1.1 Change Log
- Fixed grammar and spelling errors
- Fixed untranslated scripts in Ayato's route.


- For people who already played the first patch, make
sure you backup your save file just in case something
goes wrong after you change to this patch.
(The save file from the previous patch should still
work as long as the game has the same file name.)

If you don't know how the patch works, please read FAQs here;
(This is for another translation project, but the basic things are the same.)

Read this if you don't see LoveRevoPatcher.exe when you extract .zip file:

After you unzip the file, you should get LoveRevoPatcher.exe and Readme.txt.
If you don't see the LoveRevoPatcher.exe, it's possible that your Anti-virus program
detected the file as virus and auto-deleted it. Try to disable your Anti-virus when
you extract the .zip file, and then run the LoveRevoPatcher.exe. After you finish,
you can enable your Anti-virus again. (The program is not a virus. We can guarantee
that. But some anti-virus program won't allow you to run it if it isn't from a known
software provider.)

Version 1.0

Download Link (This is the old version. You should use the latest version in the link above instead.)


Girlish Love Revolution
English Fan Translation Credits
(Names are listed alphabetically.)

- Translators
AmuletCross, jjjewel

- Editors
chocobikies, Earla, faerie, GertrudetheRobot,
MisaChan93, xMimii

- Programs & Graphics

- Beta Testers
AmuletCross, chocobikies, Earla,
GertrudetheRobot, MisaChan93, xMimii

- Special Thanks
AzpiRiN for Light Patcher and creator programs.
pleonex for Tinke program and plug-ins.

Other Programs Credits
(Programs are listed alphabetically.)

- Console Tool
- CRI File System Tools
- CrystalTile2
- DSLazy
- Light Patcher
- NDS Editor/kiwi.DS
- NFTRedit
- Tinke

Patching Instruction

Girlish Love Revolution DS
Patching instructions

1. Run LoveRevoPatcher.exe.

2. Drag and drop clean Girlish Love Revolution DS rom
to the program. (Alternative method: You can also use
File-->Open to locate your clean rom.)

3. Select where to save the output file and wait until
you see a report window saying the patching is done.
The output file will have English translation.

1) The rom must be a clean Korean version of Girlish
   Love Revolution DS game. The common file name is
   usually Girlish Love Revolution DS (K).

2) File extension must be Nintendo DS format .nds.
   (If it is .zip or .rar or .7z, you must unzip/unrar
   it first, using winzip, winrar, 7zip, etc.)

3) The clean rom must be exactly 64 MB.

4) Save files and cheat codes for the Korean or
   Japanese version of this game are NOT 100%
   compatible with the English patched rom.
   (Your save file might be corrupted if you use them
   with the English patch.)

5) If you play the patched game with No$gba and see
   distorted image, please change No$gba's 3D setting
   to opengl. (Options-->Emulation Setup-->3D Renderer.)

6) If you get "Invalid Input Rom! Make sure you use a
   clean Korean version of Girlish Love Revolution DS."
   error when you apply the patch, it means you use the
   wrong rom, or the rom is still in the .zip or .rar

Error Reports
If you find any errors (such as technical problems,
or misspelling, etc.) please help report the errors