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Game Info: Girlish Love Revolution (K)
Also known as: Otometeki Koi Kakume Love Revo (J)
  • Updated 1/31/2013: There is a report for graphic glitch when your read Mail memo if you use DesMuMe version 0.9.8 to play the patched game. Try using DesMuMe version 0.9.7 instead.
  • Updated 7/1/2012: The fixed patch with grammar/spelling corrections version 1.1 is now available. Thank you everyone who helped reporting the errors. <3 (Note: This should be our final release. We never ask for donation for our work. If you find any websites uploading our patch and asking for donation, don't donate to them!)
  • You can find some information about the English translation project for this game here.
  • We also provide guide here because the game is considered very challenging to play and get good endings without using a guide. However, it will be more fun if you try to play it without using the guide first.

* This guide mostly tells you the best choices to choose during the guy's route. But in many cases, to activate the events, you need to raise your stats, lose some weight, and raise the guy's affection to a certain point.*

  • The guide should be applicable to other versions of this game (PC, PS2, PSP) as well.
  • Note: The Shoutbox is no longer available as we don't have time to moderate it. Any errors/problem can be submitted through Error Report form (link on the left sidebar.) For people who have trouble downloading the patch, please check that your internet provider doesn't block MediaFire download.
Latest Update:
7/1/2012 Fixed patch version 1.1 is now available. Please check the download page on the left side bar.

This game is rated Cero B which is suitable for gamers ages 12 and up.

(There are some contents that are not suitable for young gamers.)

REMINDER: Please support the game makers and buy the original game whenever you can.