About the group

    The Loverde laboratory utilizes all-atomistic (AA) and coarse-grained molecular dynamics (CG-MD) simulations, in combination with advanced sampling techniques, to investigate soft and biological materials.  We are interested in molecular self-assembly, interactions of polymeric and model cellular membranes with hydrophobic drugs, and development of multi-scale models for polymers/biopolymers.  We have a strong interest in the development of collaborations with both experimental and theoretical/computational groups.  Furthermore, we are now in the process of the development of CG-MD and/or mesoscopic (DPD, BD) force-fields for a number of hydrophobic drugs, peptide-based amphiphilic molecules, and polymers/bio-polymers.  Please contact us if you are interested in visiting or getting involved.

Why do a PhD rotation with the Loverde laboratory?
  • Rotation students will be exposed to either coarse-grained or all-atomistic molecular dynamics utilizing either LAMMPS or NAMD.
  • Rotation students will learn how to set-up, run, and analyze molecular dynamics simulations.
  • Rotation students will learn how to utilize the local cluster, Doppio, and also the CUNY High Performance Computing Center.

Interested grad students please email to inquire about applying to the CUNY Graduate Center programs in Chemistry, Biochemistry, or Physics.  In order to apply for the CUNY PhD programs you should apply on line: