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famous love quotesThis love quotes project is an experiment to test drive the new googlepages which are said to be in beta at the moment. I have chosen a to build a site featuring love quotes because this is very popular search term and I am curious to see how many people find this site using the term.

One of the things that I do not like about this program is that you have to keep reentering the content of the side bar and footer every time you make a page. The default should be that these page components are changed site wide and once you enter the text, or for example the adsens ecode it is repeated on every page thereafter. Having to input the information over and over is a pain in the butt.  Still, if you don't know html and you are inclined to build a love quotes site this might not be such a bad program. For everyone else I think that this quotations site is probably too simple.

And not to mention that sometimes the edit html button goes off the screen and you cant get it or shift the display so you can click on it.

Plus, another bug is that when you edit the html the program does not recognize the site as having changed so it does not all you to save the changes or republish the changes to the love quotations which means that you then have to go back to WYSIWYG mode, make some trivial alteration to the love quotes just so the program can recognize that a change has occurred. I don't like it at all.

Oh well, in keeping with the site's theme and in the hopes that the keyword rich text will attract the googlebot like a bee to honey, here are even more love quotes for you:


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