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This site is a collection of best famous love quotes. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive archive of love quotations on topics such as sayings, cute Love Quotes, funny love quotes and more.

Our secondary goal is simply to test drive these Famous Love Quotes using the new googlepages features which allows you to create and host pages for free with google. As an experiment, we wish to see if google's search engine gives pages hosted at googlepages.com a preferential position in the search engines.

Preliminary observations concerning other sites would suggest that it does. In fact I first became aware of googlepages when, checking the rankings of one of my other sites, I found that a one page #!@ site of nothing more than love quotes outranked a large site that I had built which not only looked nicer but had better content and other sites linking to it. So I decided that if you can't beat them I should join them and I created this three page site about love quotes to see how it would rank. 



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We hope that you enjoy these love quotes which we have collected here in this online archive of love quotations. Here are some other sites featuring some nice love quotes:

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