Lessons Learned

I was a late bloomer when it came to the knot, so I've picked up some tips 

I'd love to share. 

  • There's such a thing as netbride.com and I could have tried to save my BM some money.
  • VistaPrint's a DIY bride's dream.  Sign up for their emails to get some great deals.  
    • As a side note, the shade of color printed by VP might be different than your home computer, so since they have such great deals so often I recommend ordering a single pack of 10 before ordering in bulk. (I'm talking about for invites, etc, if you have the time.  The photo thank yous shading was perfect).
  • I really like the idea of a scratch off for a wedding favor.  Scratch Off! 
  • Specialty Bios  is a collection of tons of bios arranged by what you're looking for, example centerpieces, etc.
  • Here's some more specialty bios
  • DO NOT REGISTER AT TARGET!  Target's return policy is horrible.  Unlike most other stores, Target doesn't let you use your registry as a receipt.  If you don't have a gift slip, you're stuck with the gift!
  • My favorite hair inspiration sites: www.haircomesthebride.com Photobucket 
  • Walmart has lots of personalized items at decent prices. 
  • "Everything will work out in the end.  If it hasn't worked out, it's not the end!" As stated by a friend of a Baltimore Knottie. 
  • Obridal is extremely helpful explaining all the different veil options and getting a nice veil at an affordable price.
  • Etsy card boxes.
  • Etsy is wonderful, there's a section call Alchemy where you can request an item/idea and have people bid on your business.
  • Sites that sell ribbon: http://www.papermart.com/index/index_retail_wedding.htm  http://www.mjtrim.com/ http://www.bagsandbowsonline.com/
Frequently Used Codes 
(adapted from missjanks profile) 
To Add a Signature:
1. Upload your photo to shuterfly or photobucket
2. Resize it as appropriate.  Right click, go to properties, copy the location code.
3. Go to www.tinyurl.com and paste the location code to get a smaller url.
4. Click on the smiley face icon on any knot chat board, this opens your profile.  Scroll down to the signature box.
5. Use the following code to make your image appear
<image src="http://tinyurlhere">
6. If you want to put things on different lines add <br> between images, phrases, etc.
To make a Siggy Pic Smaller:
<*img width=300 src="tinyurl here"*>

If you use this code (delete the *'s) just change the 300 to a lower number and it will make the picture smaller.

Traditional Blue Envelope:


? <img src="*http://tinyurl.com/2sdozd"> 
? <img src="*http://tinyurl.com/32ch7p"> 
? <img src="*http://tinyurl.com/2ts57r"> 
? <img src="*http://tinyurl.com/3capks">
(remove the *)
And My Purple Siggy Codes, since I was asked so nicely =)


? <img src="*http://tinyurl.com/5rpqbz">    
? <img src="*http://tinyurl.com/59dtz6">    
? <img src="*http://tinyurl.com/5t33kk"> 
(and again, remove the *) 
To Make  Direct Link to Your Bio from Your Siggy
1. Open your bio and copy the address 
2. Turn the address into a tinyurl, see above
3.  In your Siggy, add <a target="_blank" title="http://tinyurlhere" href="http://tinyurlhere"> My Bio </a>
*** You can change "my bio" to read anything you'd like. 
***Use the same code to make your bio "clickable" in your profile

To Make a URL "Clickable" in a Post 
1. [url]urlhere[/url]

To Post a Picture in a Post
1. [img]urlhere[/img]
*make sure you unbold it!

To Google Knot Bios
what you're looking for site:community.theknot.com
And since so many of us are switching to Google Pages
what you're looking for site:googlepages.com