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"Don’t expect major insights. Six’s characters, however, do offer some lesser ones, like Ronnie’s observation that 'Dancing and drinking were invented for sex' or Rich’s philosophy: 'Truth is better than lying. You have to remember less.' And Six’s script cleverly milks a gag about how obvious a couple’s surreptitious kiss was."

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From Total Theater:

"The 'bargaining' begins almost immediately. Are these established relationships fixed or are they variable? Does love need redefinition every so often? Just what is love? The playwright explores a variety of love options in this 90-minute laugh riot."

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From the San Diego Reader:

"The Lotus Theatre Collective has given the play a lively production in which the entire cast contributes (Marc Biagi, as Richard, Jennie Olson, as Veronica, and Melanie Sutherlin, as Maria, merit special mention). Sheila Rosen's costumes define character to a T. And Marie Miller's lighting's the best I've ever seen at Swedenborg Hall."

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From San Diego City Beat:

"But this play contains little about law, at least the kind you find between the covers of a stupid book. We can lay down all the rules we want, and we can modify them as our conduct requires, but romantic love—often against its better judgment—is the central force of nature in our public lives. That’s what makes playwright Kevin Six’s concept (i.e., lawyers in love) so appropriate. He’s got an ideal partner in director D.J. Sullivan, probably the best all-around drama coach in the city. The story takes it from there—and while it occasionally backs into its characters, it’s a spirited tale, blessedly devoid of cliché, that augurs well for Six and, importantly, for University Heights’ Swedenborg Hall."

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From San Diego News Service, Feb. 15, 2009:

  "If you want to experience a really funny look at love, this play Love Negotiated is an absolute must."

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