Our pet-sitting services are top notch and competitive with the best.  All our customers have commented on how reliable, responsible, out-going, pleasant, and trust-worthy our pet-sitting services are.  They especially love the daily updates on their pet(s) condition that are provided.  We have over fourteen years of experience and since moving to the Front Range our business thrives with all the clients that have demanded our care. 
Our prices are competitive and we come to you as we are not a boarding
facility.  We have over night visits available, especially for our customers who live beyond the fifteen mile radius that we serve.  The quality care your pet(s) receive always include the extras like home/plant care and making it look like someone is home while you are away.  There's no limit to how many pets you may have, nor the type, and if they are convalescing from surgery or from sickness, medicines are administered professionally. 
Most importantly, we are an insured pet-sitting company through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC out of Eau Claire, WI.  Please contact us with any questions and if you would like to talk with a current customer to get a reference.  We appreciate your business and even last minute needs.  We are always available and ready to take care of your pet(s) and to help you in any way we can.



Example of Customer Checklist Form


Customer’s Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Phones: (H)_______________________________________  (C)______________________________________________

Email (s): __________________________________________________________________________________________

(Note:  Love My Canine sends daily updates to the above provided email address(es) or you can receive by phone)

Would you like to receive updates by phone instead? _________________ (Ph.) _________________________________

Pet’s Name(s): _________________________   Pet’s Age(s): _____________________   Pet Type: __________________

__________________________          __________________________             __________________________

__________________________         __________________________              __________________________

__________________________          __________________________             __________________________

Emergency Contact: (Name)______________________________________  (Ph.)________________________________

Veterinarian: (Name)____________________________________________ (Ph.)________________________________

Do I (We) have permission to take your pet to the Veterinarian named above as needed? _________________________

Does Anyone else have a key or access to your home? ______________________________________________________

If yes: (Name)__________________________________________________ (Ph.)________________________________

Home Care Instructions? _____________________________________________________________________________



Pet Care Instructions? (please attached additional information that you think I (we) should know, to provide the

proper care for your pets, on a separate piece of paper).  __________________________________________



Pet Behavior or Aggression Problems? ___________________________________________________________________


Allergies? __________________________________________________________________________________________

Dates of Visit(s): _______________________________________  How many visits per day? _______________________

Fee/Visit: _____________________________________________ Fee/Day: ____________________________________


________________________________________________                ____________________________________________

Customer’s Signature and Date                                                               Love My Canine’s Signature and Date

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