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Is LOVE in your future??

 I am a High Priestess in service to Divinity and you,  so tell me the things that you want to achieve,  and I will  provide magickal spell casting and spiritual counseling   for you.

 I have been a practicing High Priestess for many years now, and have made many friends along my spiritual path.  

              I am all about Divine justice, love and mercy to help my clients achieve their  desires. Sometimes these things take time, so one must learn patience as Divinity doesn't always work when we want something right NOW!  Divine events have their own timetable and  it takes  respect, patience, work and compleat confidence in Divine powers (and some common sense! )  to bring about the desired results.
   And so, after reading the website here, email me with your personal situational  history and  your spell request.   Please be very detailed  in your email  as this will be beneficial to your request (s).                              

                                                                 Photos of your spell in progress are available.

Please read over this website in it's entirety prior to contacting High Priestess, Lady Mary Ondhine O'hAodah

 This is not "Harry Potter", " Bewitched" or other "Hollywood" magic, but a real force of Divine power that works, if instructions are adhered to.  So please read everything here, so you know what to expect and what is expected of you also.
 This website and spiritual counseling are designed for and  included to help the client understand the workings of real magick, to explain that  there are certain things that you can expect and cannot expect of magick.  
 I work with Divinity in all aspects and angelic beings, planets, moon phases ( among other things)  for successful spell castings, and these Beings  should be  given the utmost respect .

 To be very honest, there are some people that are not good spell candidates, and those are the ones with issues in trusting Divinity or being  unwilling to follow instructions. So if you have trouble with that or are a very impatient, obsessive or anxious type of person, then please do not contact me, as this will only be wasting your money and my time.

                                        I will only work with clients who are willing and able to follow directions !

Knowledge is power, so  before contacting me please read over the website to have a better understanding of how this process works. Of course, if there are other  questions, please feel free to ask!

 I am an honest spell caster/priestess  that would rather lose you as a client  than have just sold you a spell to be selling you something. I am not about telling the client what they want to hear for the sake of selling a spell. I offer discounted rates to clients in need, and even do free work in some cases.  ( at my own discretion).

 I have many satisfied clients that have left their testimonies, and  I stay with my clients for as long as they need me for their case.   I have made friends in the service of Divinity that call on me again and again for magickal workings and  spiritual counseling advice. Returning clients get discounted  fees. Below are just a few satisfied clientele.




                                     Curses, Hexes and other spells and services offered also.

                        Note: all written content on this site is the property of Lady Mary Ondhine...don't copy and invite bad juju!

                                                                                                    Click here to see >  Other Spells and Services     

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