§  In the role of a Chief Guest, gave a speech on “Role of Women in Business” (March 2012) to the students of the School of Management of Bharathiar University as part of the “Women’s Day” Celebration


§  Lectured on “Web Mining” (December 2011, December 2012) in FDTPs at Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College and PSG College of Technology respectively


§  Lectured and conducted lab sessions on “Research challenges in Web Information Retrieval” (November 2011, April 2012) in National-level AICTE-FDPs at PSG College of Technology


§  Lectured on “Information Retrieval with Ontologies” (June 2011) in a National-level AICTE-SDP at Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology


§  Delivered a speech on “Technology for the future” for the school students of Coimbatore District organized by SOF (October 2010)


§  Lectured on “Information Retrieval” to the students of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and Information Technology at Paavai Engineering College, Namakkal (July 2009)