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About Us

n Who we are: The club is open to everyone, but meetings and outings take place during the week, and we meet at the Chilson Senior Center. Some of us have fished all our lives, some took up the sport when we retired. If you want to learn, or to teach, this is the place to start. We fish by boat, by float tube, from the bank and in the stream waving a fly rod. Some of us give our catch a little hello and goodbye kiss, and set them free. Others can show you how to fry, bake, pickle, smoke or make sushi out of just about everything that swims.

What we do: This is a fishing club, and our basic purpose is to get together and fish. Some of us fish three or four times a week, and looking for buddies. Others pretty much limit club activities to conversations at our weekly coffee klatch and monthly meetings. And that’s okay too. It’s all about fishing, and we interpret that basic mission pretty broadly.

LFC is affiliated with Loveland Parks & Recreation Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit, which means we also do a fair amount of philanthropy, and for us that usually has something to do with fishing. Each summer we teach youngsters and special needs adults how to fish, working with the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife, Loveland Police at their annual Loveland kids Fishing Derby, Colorado Youth Outdoors and others. We also host an annual Senior Fishing Derby, open to all but special guests include residents of Loveland area assisted living centers.  

When and where:


  • Chilson Center, Loveland, 2 p.m. on the 3rd Tuesday of the month
  • Board meetings 9 a.m. on Monday before each general meeting
  • Fishing trips: See calendar
  • Friday breakfast, 7:00 a.m. Fridays, Perkins Restaurant, Loveland Join us!

Join us on Facebook ("Secret" page limited to club members)  Send a note to

2020 Club Officers and other contacts:

Board Members

President: Jim Baxter

Vice President:  Doug Money

Secretary: Christina Weiss

Treasurer: Barbra Ding

Parliamentarian/Immediate Past President:  Jim Visger

Member at Large: Norm Englebrecht 

Government Affairs Liaison: Jim Roode


Activities Chair: Empty

Banner keeper: Dennis Kelsey

Blog Editor, Publicity: Bill Prater

Contact Chair: Empty

Fishing Calendar: Jim Visger

Friends of the Big Thompson: Walt Graul 

Historian: Skip Kral

Inventory: Jim Visger, Norm Englebrecht

Kids Fishing Derby chair: Rick Golz

Meeting chair: Empty 

Membership Committee: John Gwinnup, Dave Johnson, Rick Palmieri

Public relations/Advertising/: Tom Miller

Raffle Chair:  John Gwinnup

Senior Derby Chair: Kathleen Barker, Warren Wolf

Webmaster: Rick Palmieri, Bill Prater

Contact:, Rick Palmieri 

In Memorium donation option

In honor of deceased club members, the Loveland Fishing Club has entered into a partnership with Colorado Youth Outdoors to help fund outdoor recreational activities that strengthen the relationship between youngsters and their families.

Unless earmarked for other projects by family members, In Memoriam funds donated to the club will now go into a special CYO Loveland Fishing Club Members fund that will be used to help with the nonprofit's work at Swift Ponds outdoor education and recreational facility northwest of Windsor.

The first donation of $300 was made in memory of Dave O. Harem, 81, the club's first treasurer and one of the club's most active volunteers with the annual Loveland Police Kids Derby, the Fishing Club Senior Derby and other projects.  The money was given to the club by family and friends in lieu of flowers after his death in February 2017.

"This is a very appropriate way to help us honor the memory of Dave and other club members who will inevitably be passing on sometime in the future," says President Fred Riehm.  A number of club members are active volunteers at Swift Ponds, and the club annually helps with CYO fund raisers and introduces young girls to fishing at their annual Girl Scouts Day Camp at Swift Ponds.  CYO also partners with the club in support of the annual Loveland Police Kids Derby. 

Further information on Colorado Youth Outdoors can be found on their website,

The Loveland Fishing Club is a nonprofit affiliated with the Chilson Senior Center, and we also contribute to numerous through our fund managed by the Loveland Parks and Recreation Foundation.  If you're interested in an In Memoriam donation to CYO's Loveland Fishing Club Members Fund, contact club treasurer Barb Ding. 

A stone recognizing the club's partnership with CYO has been installed in the courtyard of the organization's education building.