Kimono shops


Ichiroya kimono flea market My personal favorite - I used all my savings there. It is a great shop with a huge amount of kimono to fair prices. And they are so kind!  The have their base in Osaka, and all items are shipped from Japan. They also have a shop with antique furniture and laquerware! 

Yamatoku vintage kimono is also an excellent shop with a large stock of vintage kimono, but with less accessories and variety. I bought my very first kimono and obi here. A tomesode and a silver nagoya obi.

Yoko Trading has some good items although the site can be a bit difficult to navigate around in.

Bokunan-do has some very beautiful, brand new kimono, especially hikizuri, but they are quite expensive.

Chuu sells kimono but they also have a gallery of all the beautiful kimono that they sold in the past.   



Geisha in beautiful kimono posing in Kyoto, JapanGalleries has a marvellous section with maiko and geisha from Kyoto. Photos by Frantisek Staud

Immortal Geisha has many pictures of geisha and kimono, old and new. Check out the discussion forum also

Chuu sells kimono but they also have a gallery of all the beautiful kimono that they sold in the past.  




 Kitsuke - how to wear kimono


Japan Culture Club has good kitsuke for wearing kimono and tying taiko musubi

Rising Sun Import has the simplest, but best guide on how to put on kimono and tie the obi.



Japanese pages.   You can translate the japanese pages here.

Somesho has excellent kitsuke. It is on several pages, so just click next, next, next etc. has very thorough descriptions on how to wear kimono.    

Sagami has a lot of guides on lots of obi bows, mostly for yukata, and also on how to wear kimono.

Tachibana has some guides to obi bows of kimono

Here at kodomo kimono you can see how to tie the momoyama knot

Kikuya shows how to put on the yukata, and obi bows for both men and women.

Sagami has lots of guides on hanhanba obi bows, and also bows for kimono.

Tachibana shows three guides of obi bows. 

Rindo has GIF animation to show how to tie the obi knots. just click on the obi and an animation will show you how to tie it! 



Video: How to wear furisode (in Chinese)

Video: A bride is dressed in white wedding kimono (very fascinating, but her fiancée is annoying)



Knowledge about kimono


Wikipedia has a good site on kimono. I added some pictures there myself.

Japanese kimono also has loads of good information.

Kimono Source is both a shop and has interesting info and advices.

Kimono Fraise has many interesting articles, but I find the page a little confusing to navigate on.  

Japanese Lifestyle has simple, but good, desicriptions and lessons how to wear kimono.

Rindo has fascinating information about how the kimono looked through the ages. Just click "next" to go forward. 


>> New <<

Tsuruko Maiko is a new forum about kimono and geisha. Take a look and share your knowledge.




Kimonos (365 Series)"Kimonos" by Sophie Milenovich - 365 series, hardback

Generally a good book with loads of beautiful mostly pictures and some information. A decent information source for "beginners". Read more reviews on


"The Book of Kimono" - by Norio Yamanaka, paperback

One of my favourites, mainly because of the beautiful photos, but also because of the information. Gives you a good basic knowledge about kimono and how to wear kimono. Read more reviews on


Make Your Own Japanese Clothes: Patterns and Ideas for Modern Wear"Make your own japanese clothes" - by John Marshall

An interesting book for those who are skilled with a sowing machine. Detailed patterns on how to make your own kimono, obi, haori and my favourite: Tabi socks. I'm no expert on a sowing machine, but I managed a pair of fleece tabi slippers. Read more reviews on


"Kimono" - by Liza Dalby

Basically everything you need to know, if you want to know it all. Not many pictures, but some diagrams and drawing is all that is need to make a great explanatory book. A thick novel-sized book all about kimono!


"Geisha of Gion" - by Mineko Iwasaki

A great autobiography by a real geisha, Appearantly the story that inspired Arthur Golden to write "Memoirs of a Geisha". Has some beautiful picture pages too. Read more reviews on


 "Memoirs of a Geisha" - by Arthur Golden

A fantastic story and amazing descriptions. A beautiful piece of art. And here I am NOT talking about the movie, which is nothing compared to reading the book and full of factitionsal flaws. Read more reviews on the book on


"Geisha: A Unique World of Tradition, Elegance and Art" - by John Gallagher and Wayne Renyolds

The photos are gorgeus, allthough many descriptions are wrong. I wouldn't use it as a source of informations, due to the numerous factitional flaws there is, e.g. John Gallager descibes how geishas often get bald spots from wearing their wig. The fact is, that the bald spot is the result of the maiko hairstyle where the maiko's own hair is pulled in a tight knot on the same spot on the scalp for years. But it is a great picture book.


"Geisha: Beyond the Painted Smile" - by Peabody Essex Museum, hardback

A good book with loads of beautiful pictues and information about the culture of Geisha


Videos with beautiful kimono

Tamasaburo is an amazing kabuki dancer! You have got to watch these videos!

The great serpent     part 1 , part 2 , part 3 

Sagi Musume    part 1, part 2, part 3

The Wisteria Maiden     part 1, part 2

Yokihi part 1, part 2


The sad oiran

Another sad oiran


Other stuff

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